Trump is no thief!

Regarding border security, government shutdowns, etc., I have a few comments I would like to share. First, an opinion column in Tuesday’s paper by Timothy O’Brien cites Trump being surrounded by Democratic and Republican experts who have immersed themselves in immigration discussions for years. Well, when you just talk in circles for years, you never accomplish anything. That’s all useless expertise (talking in circles) and nothing has been done regarding border security.

Trump could just use $25 billion out of the IRS accounts and commence building the wall from start to finish. However, that would involve spending funds that were never appropriated by Congress. Wait, hold the presses — President Obama did the same thing for his Affordable Care Act funding and nobody raised an eyebrow. Perhaps President Trump sees use of that money as a violation of law and the Constitution, so he won’t proceed with that thought. I am sure the media and the Democrats would freak out over that action.

Where were the media intellectuals and Congress when Obama stole that money? Subsidies to insurance companies to cover a higher level above the poverty level was part of ACA. The plan was to have the HHS budget include that and be legally appropriated to then refund the IRS accounts. Well, Congress did not appropriate it and Obama decided just to steal the money and use it for those payments. It was billions and billions of taxpayer money. The IRS authorities warned him and his staff that it was both illegal and unconstitutional on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, he and his staff committed a felony, an impeachable offense and a violation of the Constitution for several years. Eventually, a lawsuit filed ruled that it was unconstitutional.

I didn’t hear a peep from the media, not a word from the Justice Department about a felony offense, not a word from the Democrats or Republicans about impeaching him for these crimes. You have a complete double standard in place for this president vs. Obama. Are you OK with that?

Let’s just appropriate the money for the border security to include the wall or barrier or whatever your word choice is for today and get on with fixing our totally broken immigration system. Let’s do it legally and without an impeachable offense like was done for ACA.

Stephen Williams, Hewitt


All this feuding over the government shutdown and border wall is very tiring. Why can’t Chuck and Nancy just go to Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to get our government opened back up? It has become quite evident Trump is just a middle man! And since Mexico is paying for the iron and concrete curtain, why not let them build it on their side of the border? Sure makes sense to me — and therefore Trump and Congress cannot comprehend!

Louis Felan, Meridian