But about Hillary!

After reading the Thursday op-ed by Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent regarding nasty guy Jeffrey Epstein, I noticed the only person Mr. Sargent deemed similarly sick is our current president, Mr. Trump.

It’s a confirmed case that former president Bill Clinton and his wife are personal friends with Mr. Epstein. Records indicate Bill went to Epstein’s private retreat at least 26 times. There’s no evidence our current president ever went there. There is evidence that President Trump kicked Epstein out of Key Largo. Epstein is a donor to the Democratic party. He’s been hand and hand with the crazy lady from California for years.

If the Waco-Tribune newspaper, with an opinion page motto that reads “Dedicated to truth, honor and integrity,” actually dedicated the paper to truth, honor and integrity, maybe we’d read of Hillary’s private email server that was erased and destroyed. Maybe now would be the time to decide “what difference does it matter” for our people in Bengazi. Maybe now would be a great time to explain what happened to all the money the Clintons raised for the people in Haiti.

If Democrats want to see President Trump’s tax returns, give the people of this great country seven years of your tax returns.

Jeff Keith, Rockport

Bully for Teddy

As we listen to speeches of current presidential candidates, we would do well to consider them in light of Teddy Roosevelt, president from 1901-1909. In a 1910 speech in France he stated: “Of one man especially, beyond anyone else, the citizens of a republic should beware, and that is of the man who appeals to them to support him on the ground that he is hostile to other citizens of the republic, that he will secure for those who elect him, in one shape or another, profit at the expense of other citizens of the republic. It makes no difference whether he appeals to class hatred or class interest, to religious or anti-religious prejudice. The man who makes such an appeal should always be presumed to make it for the sake of furthering his own interest.”

“There remains the duties of the individual in relation to the state, and these duties are none too easy under the conditions which exist where the effort is made to carry on the free government in a complex industrial civilization. Perhaps the most important thing the ordinary citizen, and, above all, the leader of ordinary citizens, has to remember in political life is that he must not be a sheer doctrinaire. The philosopher, the refined and cultured individual who from his library tells how men ought to be governed under ideal conditions is of no use in actual governmental work; and the one-sided fanatic, and still more the mob-leader, and the insincere man who to achieve power promises what by no possibility can be performed are not merely useless but noxious.”

Don Hardcastle, Waco