Republican fascism!

How could any intelligent, presumably informed person link the adjective “rabid” with the progressive movement? [“Who’s rabid? Democrats,” Dan Dayton] For the last three-plus years there has been zero effort by the Republican Party to do anything positive for our people. They are all lock-stepped as Trumpets in an all-out effort to destroy our constitution. One of the latest manufactured crises: a Mideast fiasco where Trump has invited the Turks to invade Syria and slaughter our battle comrades, the Kurdish men and women fighters.

The Republican Fascist neo-Nazi Party believes lawlessness for them is constitutionally approved. It is so driven in this effort to destroy our constitution that all other matters are ignored. A racist Republican Party is actually proud to have kidnapped migrant children from their families. It is building its foundation for leadership on fact-checked 10,796 lies (as of June). This right-wing juggernaut is determined to destroy everything this great nation was built on. Talk about rabid!

Mike O’Bric, Marine Corps Mustang, Woodway

Get the Bidens!

The U.S. House Democratic leadership has issued so-called “subpoenas” to individuals connected to President Trump’s administration in an attempt to find some evidence supporting their impeachment inquiry. They claim Trump and others are in violation of the Constitution.

They are acting only as individuals since the House has not voted on any articles of impeachment, required to implement a real impeachment process that could then legally issue subpoenas.

In Trump’s phone call to the Ukraine president he, among other topics, requested they investigate the company that had paid former Vice President Biden’s son a large sum of money. No quid pro quo was found in the conversation. However, the Democrats’ charges are a ruse, the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie.

It is fairly clear any crime committed was by Biden — initially, by setting the stage for his son to be appointed to the board of a Ukrainian company from which he collected excessively large monthly payments; then by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid unless they fired the prosecutor investigating the company with which his son was associated. Clearly quid pro quo.

So who is really guilty of trashing our Constitution, the one who commits a crime or the one who asks that the crime be investigated? Or the Democratic leadership clearly conducting an improper impeachment inquiry using false accusations?

Don Hardcastle, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the record, the Constitution does not require the House to vote on an impeachment inquiry, nor does any current House rule exist requiring it, though Baylor constitutional scholar David Nichols argues such a vote is clearly implied even if not stated and would bolster congressional subpoenas. But the point is hotly debated among constitutional scholars. Our judgment: File neatly alongside “U.S. Senate: Merrick Garland, 2016.”

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