Claim our marker

Thanks to Carl Hoover and his detailing of a trip to the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama. The visuals and reality of this memorial are daunting, as they show a physical representation of the historic racism and violence in our country and, as Hoover captured, our own county.

A powerful and sad reminder from his column is that there are hundreds of counties that have not claimed their matching memorial to the dead, both a physical and symbolic gesture that should serve as a stark reminder to all McLennan County residents that we regularly sidestep this incredibly dark chapter of our history.

Hang-ups on a historical marker placement for Jesse Washington and the “Waco Horror” that remain stalled at the Texas Historical Commission or the controversial (and pathetically underwhelming) gesture of placing a denouncing proclamation next to the lynching rope mural in the county courthouse show that although our words often distance ourselves from these events, our actions have not caught up.

McLennan County leaders should step up and claim our memorial marker and place it downtown near the locations these racist atrocities occurred, furthering our commitment to repairing generations of hate within our community.

Jonathan Q. Hill, Waco

Cameron Park kudos

For more than a century, the city has preserved and protected the beauty and accessibility of Cameron Park. They have nurtured plant and animal life, maintained and expanded picnic areas and trails, and upgraded and added amenities from shelters to restrooms to disc golf. What is really heartwarming is to see people from all walks of life and of all ages enjoying the park every single day.

Lots of great things are going on in Waco these days, but Cameron Park is our timeless treasure and something that few other cities can match. Thank you, city of Waco in general, and the Parks and Recreation Department in particular, for all you have done over the years to make it the crown jewel of our community.

Jaclyn L. Jeffrey, Waco

Thanks, Woodway PD

I wanted to publicly express my gratitude and appreciation for the Woodway Police Department. A week ago on Monday morning, my daughter prepared to take her toddler to school and stepped out of her apartment to find that her car had been stolen. The Woodway police were there in minutes, investigating the multiple vehicles that had been vandalized and obtaining thorough information from my daughter.

Throughout the process, they remained professional, solicitous, and supportive. Amazingly, the car was recovered the next day and my daughter went to the police station to retrieve the vehicle. The officer apologized to her, noting that the car seat and window shades for the baby were missing.

Later that afternoon, the Woodway police brought her a brand new car seat to replace the one that was stolen. I was so touched by that generosity and kindness that I felt it appropriate to share.

Lisa Long, Woodway

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