White nationalism

The definition of white nationalist is apparently open for debate and I would like to address the issue: A white nationalist is simply a white person who loves their country. Why is this considered a bad thing, and by more than a few? A white Christian nationalist is a Christian who loves their country and serves and loves the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and would never do harm to God’s people.

For many years, white people have been forced to hold their tongues so as not to offend anyone. They have had to endure constant criticism and threats from the mob mentality. Yet all the problem areas around the world have three things in common: They all have dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin. Instead of getting angry, I challenge you to prove this statement wrong.

Our forefathers were intelligent white men and the United States of America was established by the bloodshed of mainly white men. Other people and other nations have not achieved the accomplishments that our Founding Fathers’ legacy and sacrifices have given to each of us.

I am white. I am a nationalist. I have felt your anger. I have felt your hatred. This leads me to wonder: Is it anger that drives you or just plain jealousy?

My prayer for our nation is that God will hasten peace to Jerusalem as soon as possible, please. Shalom!

Taryn Tipton, Waco

Be against abortion

“Alabama near-total abortion ban.” I agree with the Trib’s front-page placement (May 16) of this very big news. There are several facets to Alabama’s enactment of the nation’s strongest anti-abortion law. I point out here that the Alabama law counters a common misconception that anti-abortion is overwhelmingly a Catholic movement. Only 4 percent of the Alabama population is Catholic.

The reality for Waco, Alabama and the nation: The battle against abortion has broad support among the religious and nonreligious who recognize the devastating realities of abortion. I encourage all who consider involvement to step up now for pre-born babies and their moms.

Finally, I refer to our cause as anti-abortion. Those who battled the No. 1 social injustice of slavery in the 19th century did not shirk from being against something. Wacoans and all Americans willing to stand up against the No. 1 social injustice of the 21st century should embrace the challenge and name of anti-abortion.

John Pisciotta, Director, Pro-Life Waco

Mars calling City Hall

I think I read in the Waco Tribune-Herald last year that the city had plans to pave Mars Drive. When will that happen? Thank you.

Jan Gentry, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Amy Burlarley-Hyland, assistant director of the city’s public works, tells us that discussions on the scope of this particular project will unfold over the next several months. So it’s still on the city’s radar.