Kudos, City Hall!

Imagine returning home from a vacation only to face a hefty water bill. That was almost our experience except for an alert city water department. Despite all the tumult at Hewitt City Hall in the recent past (which we expect the last election rectified), their water department personnel continue to do their job. Using their electric water meter monitoring system, they emailed us when they noticed a continuous leak of 26.3 gallons per hour. The leak was located next to our house foundation obscured beneath ground cover. So we called our trusted plumber, Tony Montoya Jr., who quickly repaired the leak before we departed. So kudos to Hewitt’s water department for helping us preserve our Roth IRA!

Mike Miller, Hewitt

Landfill solutions

I have been following the saga of our search for new sites for landfill waste disposal, something no one wants in his or her backyard — clearly evident in the fierce resistance to a regional landfill by homeowners along U.S. Highway 84 and now that by residents of the rural community of Axtell. I suggest our leaders contact Waste Management World and find a company that will build a processing plant for all our waste. Many of these companies can reduce the final disposal as low as 1% of the intake. If done promptly, they possibly could build right on the present landfill and with greatly reduced disposal. The last cell would be good almost indefinitely.

There are several projects underway in Texas right now that could be closely studied. This would prove a huge help in reducing our emissions footprint while yielding significant financial savings.

Howard K. Ainsworth, Waco

Purveyor of truth

While you have disdain for Fox News, I watch it especially at night for its news coverage, even when it’s against those they like. When a story breaks, they do not form opinions based on their political views but say wait for further facts or evidence unlike most other news where they state their opinions as facts.

Examples of other news hastily finding individuals “guilty” in their coverage: the premature coverage of the Olympic bomber. When exonerated, he got millions. Same with the Duke lacrosse rape case or the Tawana Brawley rape charge against a white man or the around-the-clock coverage that the Covington kid “confronted” and cursed a Native American. Same goes for the continuous coverage guaranteeing Trump colluded with Russia. Meanwhile, all these media ignored crimes committed by many in the Obama administration.

And while other news media agreed with Rep. Omar’s accusation that Nancy Pelosi was a “racist,” all Fox anchors said that, while they disagreed with her policies, Pelosi was not a racist!

Jim Cantrell, Axtell

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