Thoughts on Dr. Nelson

As a loving and caring citizen who has lived in the Greater Waco communities for almost 40 years, I feel compelled to share my general observations regarding the renewed optimism and community pride that permeate our community since Dr. A. Marcus Nelson’s arrival as superintendent of Waco Independent School District. From my perspective, I strongly believe the district has made monumental strides in addressing various, long-term systemic issues and concerns that have plagued Waco ISD for decades. I know many others throughout the city of Waco would agree in identifying Dr. Nelson as the catalyst and nexus in leading the charge to build a substantive collaborative coalition that includes institutions of higher education in the Waco area, McLennan County, the city of Waco and numerous community leaders, citizens and organizations, all in mighty support of Waco ISD’s current positive direction.

I have only had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Dr. Nelson a few times during public occasions — once at the home-going funeral of a dear friend, Joe Rodriguez, and during a couple of ecumenical community worship activities. However, my avid support for the continued tenure of Dr. Nelson as superintendent of Waco Independent School District is primarily based on the superlative, unsolicited input and comments garnered from Waco ISD administrators, teachers, para-professionals, parents and students. It is for these reasons that I am convinced the professional contributions and continued tenure of Dr. Nelson as superintendent would contribute immensely to the exceptional quality of life in the Greater Waco communities, which we all are truly privileged and blessed to enjoy.

George Johnson Jr., Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Johnson is a veteran, a minister and retired city of Waco administrator.


The support shown by local pastors for the school superintendent is unusual. Granted, his crime is not severe for the average local citizen, but this man is supposed to be a role model for our students. Just suppose a teacher or student was caught in the same circumstances and didn’t get off the hook. What then? The pastors should read their Bibles, specifically Titus 2:7 — Show yourself in all respects a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, gravity and sound speech.

Jack Crane, Waco


I’m appalled to see all the community leadership’s public support for Dr. Nelson. The last time I checked it was illegal to possess any amount of marijuana. Everything in life when broken down to the root cause is black or white (right or wrong). I’m sorry Mr. Nelson got caught but I believe he knows right from wrong. For our so-called leaders to try and minimize this is shameful. What’s happening here has a direct effect on our kids. What are they seeing? Is it wrong or is it? Are these people really leading our kids?

Michael Shaw, Waco