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I believe the June 14 Waco Trib editorial “Of flags, foreign powers and our independence” — concerning President Trump’s comments that he’d be open to hearing out foreign powers on any disparaging campaign material they might offer on political opponents and his unequivocal statement that all congressmen do this, “they always have” — was excellent. It raises a multiple-choice question for Congressman Bill Flores for which there are only three possible answers. Either:

  • Mr. Flores agrees with Trump that it’s OK to commit the crime of taking political dirt on an opponent from a foreign power, including enemies such as Russia and North Korea.
  • Mr. Flores condemns Trump for saying it’s OK to commit the crime of taking political dirt on an opponent from a foreign power.
  • Mr. Flores lacks the political courage to respond with either answer 1 or 2.

A refusal to comment means Mr. Flores has chosen option 3.

Charles Reed, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Reed is a former Waco mayor.

* * *

I write to respond to the Tribune-Herald editorial board’s “Of flags, foreign powers and independence” published June 14. As the United States representative for the 17th District of Texas, my job is to ensure Central Texans have their voice heard in Washington. At the start of each new Congress, I take the oath to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is an oath that I have taken five times on behalf of the constituents of the 17th Congressional District , and it is a responsibility I take with the utmost commitment.

To answer the editorial board’s question regarding my position on foreign influences, my response is as follows: I have never accepted, nor would I ever accept, any campaign assistance from a foreign national or entity. If such assistance or information were offered, I would report such actions to the FBI. I trust that this response is straightforward enough for the editorial board.

I also note the editorial board’s “assumption” on my position in this regard was made without ever asking me about this issue. Prior to publishing these types of statements, I suggest they call and ask my position. All of our numbers are publicly available, including our Waco District Office and our D.C. office. Every other media source that asked my position received a prompt, unequivocal response. The editorial board owes this type of journalistic effort to its readers.

Rep. Bill Flores, Bryan

A real put-down

My daddy was a Baylor Law School graduate. My brother-in-law was a Baylor Law School graduate and county judge. My son-in-law is a Baylor Law School graduate. Yet when Baylor needed a lawyer to represent them in the football scandal, they went to an outside law firm. That was a real put-down to Baylor Law School.

Bill Foster, Waco

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