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Last week’s “Music & More” listed no less than six art venues with exhibits that week. When I moved to Waco three years ago, there was one venue. Then Rebekah and Jeremy Hagman opened Cultivate 7Twelve. Scraping together money and effort from wherever it can be found, Cultivate 7Twelve has become the focal point for art in Waco.

Rebekah and Jeremy opened their gallery for a traveling exhibit of a Banksy piece. They regularly hang pieces from both known and emerging local artists. They provided the space for a novel concept: art made from objects obtained from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They hosted my wedding! I am left with jaw-dropping amazement to read through the list of art events in Waco and see Cultivate 7Twelve not listed!

These two young people have poured their hearts into Waco, yet the Trib routinely ignores their contributions. The art section of “Music & More” should begin with the current event at Cultivate 7Twelve.

Jay McMillen, Woodway

EDITOR’S NOTE: Point taken assuming cooperation and at least some initiative exist from galleries themselves. Just for the record, the Trib reported on the very items cited in the second paragraph of Mr. McMillen’s letter, not counting Mr. McMillen’s wedding. We should note that Cultivate 7Twelve’s very own website home page as of Monday night was still promoting events for last June. And when we clicked on “Exhibitions,” we found notice of “Lost, Recovered and Remaining,” an exhibit of works by local artist Ty Nathan Clark that reportedly ended July 31. Go figure.

Horrific Trump

The reality is that Republicans have bought and paid for the horror that is Donald Trump. Now they own an “unstable genius” and master con man. Therein lies a national problem. Republicans have been cowed in adopting his language, his immoral behavior and his chaotic tweeting and messaging. Trump is not a Democrat, not a Republican, not a conservative. He is a mega-narcissist in it for his own good.

American values are not based on tweets. American values are not reflected in polices that hurt the poor and keep children in dog cages. American values have always been based on taking care of the least of these. We used to base our values on providing for the economy and security of this country. We want to return America to these values and accordingly we will find someone who will help us get there.

Randy Broussard, Belton

Abortions beyond Texas

The Trib on Sept. 9 included a four-column article headlined, “More Women Seek Abortions Out of State,” implying that restrictions create an increasing burden on women. The article states: “While abortions across the U.S. are down, the share of women who had abortions out of state rose slightly, by half a percentage point ....”

Suppose 1,000 Montana women had abortions in Montana one year, 1,005 Montana women had abortions the next year (1/2 of 1% increase) and all of the increase occurred out of state. By any reasonable standard this increase is insignificant.

And since “abortions across the U.S. are down,” the article could have been headlined “Pro-Life Sentiments Growing” or “Women Having Fewer Abortions.” But that would require a different article.

Tom Harrison, Waco

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