Floyd Casey Park

A recent Trib article discussed the need for developing the land previously occupied by Floyd Casey Stadium; another pondered how Lions Park can be improved. The second article said that “People are coming to Waco from all over right now, and they’re looking for a fun, safe place to connect with their families.” Indeed they are, but guess what? Fun, safe places are exactly what hundreds of families already living in Waco and surrounding areas want too!

Yes, tourists are flocking to Waco, and each of them seeks things to enjoy, explore and experience. And while a downtown boom is offering them lots of retail, hotels and restaurants, not many “fun, safe places” exist to connect with families’ included in that explosion.

Cameron Park is a jewel, but why can’t Floyd Casey Park be a second jewel? It could be our own central park with walk and bike paths leading to and from downtown. It could have open play spaces, shade structures and trees, water features and food trucks or concessions. It could offer lovely benches and rest areas, climbing structures and plenty of lighting. This park could be a fun, safe place for all Wacoans and all tourists. I hope the city will consider such options.

Sally Martin, Crawford

Two judgment calls

This letter regards a letter on the opinion page of Wednesday’s Trib by Rick Kennedy, Democratic candidate for Congress, 17th District.

My purpose in writing is more a question than an opinion: When and why did the Trib begin printing “political ads” for candidates, I assume for free? Is this going to be continuing policy during the 2020 election cycle?

Your help in trying to understand this issue is greatly appreciated.

James E. Foulks, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Glad to oblige. We chose to publish Mr. Kennedy’s letter out of fairness because it addressed a Sept. 5 Trib editorial, “What should Wacoans expect of 2020 congressional candidates?” The editorial proposed support for 17th Congressional District candidates if, among other things, they resided in the Waco area (as opposed to Republican Congressman Bill Flores, who lives in Bryan, or Mr. Kennedy, who lives in Austin). Mr. Kennedy wrote us to disagree with the editorial’s point about residence and we judged it appropriate to publish. On June 23, we published a letter to the editor disagreeing with yet another Trib editorial from Congressman Flores, at the time considered a viable contender for re-election. Interestingly, we received no letter of protest about his letter.

Tired of the chaos

I am tired of the chaos. The chaos of the last three years this man has brought to the United States. I am no liberal. America is not a business. We the People are the bosses and he answers to us, not the other way around. Many of his supporters will chide me for this letter. That’s OK, but I will vote in 2020 and it won’t be for him.

Philip Ballmann, Waco

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