School supplies!

That first clean page of a brand new notebook. The anticipation of opening a box of new and unbroken crayons. The first sharpen of a new pencil.

Once upon a time most of us got excited about those first days of school and new school supplies. Yet for many families there is a sense of dread when the school supply list is available. Have you looked at a school supply list lately? Shopping for these can be expensive, especially for families with more than one child. For families struggling each month already, a school supply list can leave a giant hole in the budget. That’s why the Salvation Army and Walmart stores are teaming up for a national “Stuff the Bus” school supply event this Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Once you stock up on everything you need for your kids’ classrooms, pick up a few extra supplies and donate them to the on-site Salvation Army bus.

Diana Barrett, The Salvation Army Waco

You’re the reason

Regarding Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta’s letter of July 19: Planned Parenthood doesn’t “flirt” with health care for women. They provide reliable, safe and comprehensive reproductive health care for everyone who comes through their doors. Besides health care for all, they have to have an exceptional community advocacy program to counter the misinformation put out by you and your partners. They have a robust legal and political team to counter the never-ending efforts of our legislators in Austin and Washington who seek to limit access to women who need Planned Parenthood services.

You are the reason that Planned Parenthood must have a political arm. I am thankful not only for their health care but for their political advocacy that fights for my rights every day.

Cheryl Foster, Waco

One bite at a time

Alan Northcutt’s July 16 column on Meatless Mondays and global warming one bite at a time is timely and well-done. At age 79, I have adopted a plant-based adventure (the word diet is too loaded and self-defeating). Yes, I’ve lost 10 pounds with a Body Mass Index right where it should be. But, more importantly, my digestive system is very happy and my energy level makes it easy to go to the gym daily.

And I do not miss eating meat at all.

My wife enrolled us in a meal-kit program called “Purple Carrot” delivered to our door weekly. Everything pre-measured. All I do is cut vegetables and cook lentils. Each meal is loaded with protein.

Besides the helpful contributions this way of eating makes to our globe, I’m simply saying it is doable and such a physically and mentally rewarding adventure. I am not advocating everyone adopt this eating plan. I just want it to be known it works for me.

What an easy way to make a difference in the health and future of our precious and only planet Earth.

Nathan L. Stone, Waco

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