Societal lunacy

Thanks to the Trib for publishing Karen Tumulty’s “Questioning the quackery of ‘Q,’” exposing the quackery of our Glorious Leader’s true believers! There’s no bar so low the Trumpkins cannot dive below it, and this conspiracy cult is truly as deranged as described. I was reminded of an old Monty Python skit where viewers were asked to “Spot the Loony” — in this case, that would be the entire throng of those patriotic pillars of their communities who screamed F-bombs while waving their middle fingers at anyone not on board with this lunacy.

These rabid QAnon followers should tweak their moniker to more accurately reflect their true mental capacity — I believe “No to Low IQ Anon” sounds just about right.

William Howard, McGregor

Get off your knees

Here’s what I think about all the protesting about kneeling when the National Anthem is played. You say you are protesting all the injustices in our country toward minorities. I say get off your knees and get into one of those expensive cars and drive to one of those distressed cities. Roll up your sleeves and get with the program.

For years leaders in these cities have turned their backs on the problems. They get re-elected, then go back to their mansions like you do. We had a president who had Al Sharpton as his racial relations advisor. Talk about throwing gas on a fire. He has done more to hurt race relations and is more of an enemy to the black people than any white man could ever be.

These kids look up to you. They buy your jerseys and shoes and you get money off every dime they spend. Your involvement with the problems would be such a help. They would listen to you. There are people who actually care about the problems and are actually doing things that help.

Unemployment of blacks is at the lowest it has ever been. That should make you happy. What are you protesting? The way it is or the way changes can help? Does anybody think it does any good to walk around with hate signs like “F Trump”? Don’t you think it would be better to do something that helped and didn’t divide people more?

You have a lot of money. Maybe you could buy one less house or a few less cars and actually do something.

Jerry Willett, Lorena

Nonprofit grocery

Read the article about the need for a downtown grocery/market. I believe it has appeared in the Waco Trib a couple of times.

We are opening a grocery/market at 700 Elm Avenue spring of 2019. The market will be a nonprofit — and we are collaborating with Baylor’s Entrepreneurship Department, nutrition department and law school. The market will serve the general downtown Waco area with fresh ingredients and staples.

Perhaps the problem is solved. We welcome input and help from those interested.

Nancy and Bob Grayson, Waco