Beating the dog

In regard to Mary Tanner’s letter, “Kill Another Dog,” which was published in the Aug. 1 edition: First and foremost, Planned Parenthood does not “kill babies.” Planned Parenthood does give a female the right to terminate a pregnancy if she so chooses. If a woman chooses to terminate a pregnancy, Ms. Tanner suggests a no-kill animal shelter kill a pet. Rubbish.

If a child who is born to an abusive parent is badly abused, neglected or beaten to death, does Ms. Tanner propose that a pet somewhere be similarly abused, neglected or beaten to death?

Ms. Tanner, wake up and smell the roses. The children of all unplanned pregnancies are not welcomed into this world with loving arms. Many are the victims of abuse, neglect and even death. I am glad to live in a country where a woman still has the right to choose what is best for her.

Planned Parenthood, keep up the good work.

Gary Merritt, Waco

Water for trash?

The city of Waco July 29 statement about its caring for the residents of eastern McLennan County is very condescending with this offer of water (up to 2 million gallons each day) to help us out with our arsenic groundwater problem. This has been discussed for years, and I don’t care to have their water or their trash!

The lack of transparency with which the city of Waco pursued land in Axtell for a landfill was done like a thief in the night. It is disingenuous of city leaders to now kindly voice the goal of working with us through this process. How convenient citizens of Axtell can’t vote for or against the Waco City Council or its double-talking, less-than-honest mayor.

This water offer was never contingent upon a trade-off, as if all we have to do is accept this little ol’ landfill!

Kevin Pettit, Axtell landowner

Somebody choked!

Just a short note to ask that you please have someone double-check your headlines for your E-Trib. I am by no means a scholar or perfect in grammar and its usage. However, one of the headlines that I saw the other day [July 24] was “Bellmead man charged with choking woman while holding infant.”

Now, common sense dictates that the woman was the one holding the baby, but the way the headline reads it could be taken that the man was the one holding the baby. Perhaps the intention was to get someone to click on it. I don’t know. If this letter gets posted, and I see no reason for it to be posted, I will probably get a bunch of replies calling me out on my own grammar, etc.

Oh, well, as I said, I am by no means perfect in grammar. So go ahead and flame me if it makes you feel better. It won’t bother me. Overall I enjoy being able to read the Trib on my phone when I have some downtime. Thanks for that.

Ed Rumrill, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you for your kind words about the Trib. Believe it or not, the headline and story accurately reflect the police account to us.

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