Wrong attitude!

Your young family is being relocated to the Waco area. You pick up the local paper and read the front-page article about Waco ISD. Wow, where are you going to look for a home — Waco ISD or another school district? Thank you, Waco Tribune Herald, for “promoting” the community. I began wondering where the problem lies within Waco ISD. Without knowing what was discussed, I can only assume two board members were not in favor of the superintendent candidate. This should have been discussed and all concerns cleared up at that time. As the article stated, “I am not questioning her credentials, the question in my mind is her experience in dealing with the situation we have in Waco, and I don’t see it.”

Another did not even attend the meeting when the board named the lone finalist because she needed more time to process her choices. Really? The vote was 5-1.

What working relationship is expected now with the new superintendent? How effective will the board or superintendent be? What teamwork does the faculty, staff and public see? How is the district to grow and solve the diverse problems they face after the article in the newspaper? The “all-about-me” and “I-didn’t-get-my-way-so-let’s-put-it-in-the-paper attitude doesn’t work. Schools will not excel so long as there is lack of leadership or the “it’s-all-about-me” attitude is evident at the top. School boards, superintendent and public should be a team.

Mike Hollingsworth, McGregor

Country landfill

When did it become acceptable to blow yard trimmings, grass, trash, leaves, sticks and whatever else into our city streets? This callous action makes our city look like a country landfill. Could there be a curb under that pile of clippings? This also involves local businesses as well as private homeowners.

I have talked with city code enforcement and all they do is roll their eyes. Waco is becoming a nasty town. My taxes are not represented and I want a reduction or elimination of the code enforcement department if it’s not going to rise to the occasion and do something.

Anywhere I drive I see yard maintenance people blowing clippings and other things, some biodegradable, some not, into the middle of our city streets. Homeowners should be ashamed of themselves for either doing this or permitting this. Think of your city, your neighbors. This is my town of 66 years and this spectacle leaves me both sad and mad.

Gary Pate, Waco

Pair of Americans

Like Dan Dayton in his Aug. 14 response to my Aug. 9 letter concerning immigrants, conclaves and flags, I too took the same oath to protect and defend the United States during my years in the Navy and Naval Reserve. I fly Old Glory on all holidays honoring my country.

Beyond his inference that my words are a “tool” used by Democrat socialists, I can agree with his response to my words. I am a Democrat but certainly not a socialist. He and I are Americans and should be able to disagree. I happen to love the diversity of our great nation. It is the cornerstone of our great democracy.

Herb Brenner, Woodway

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