Natural law

Regarding the Dec. 3 Trib article on Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley: Refusing to perform same-sex unions is not a “Bible-believing” stance. It upholds moral law. Male and female were formed for a specific purpose, to propagate. Same-sex unions cannot and never will be able to propagate the human race. Marriage was instituted to preserve and grow a family. To believe otherwise is to oppose natural moral law.

I applaud Justice Hensley’s stance on her belief and hope that the powers to be realize she is not pushing any religious beliefs on anyone but upholding natural law. To punish her for this belief is unconstitutional and should not be supported. A justice of the peace has the right to accept or refuse any case that comes before them. She must not be sanctioned for standing up for her natural beliefs. We need more human beings like her in this world.

Fred Ouellette, Waco

Saving Christianity

I have advice for John P. Warren who wrote the Nov. 28 column “Religion is in fast retreat,” about society’s rejection of religion or, more specifically, his religion: If you want people to adhere to your particular mythology, you might quit claiming that everyone who is different from you is a “sinner.”

More? Women have every right to make their own decisions about their bodies and those who have different ideas about gender are making their own choices. In short, MYOB.

And quit hammering everyone with the Ten Commandments which, of course, are from the Old Testament. If you profess Christ, then take a look at his book, the New Testament. How about we post in schools and courthouses things Jesus is supposed to have said such as, “Blessed are the poor,” “Woe to you who are rich,” “Love your enemies” and “Judge not”?

By the way, if God is being pushed out of schools and the public square, he’s not much of a god, is he?

Lee Van Wagner, Waco

By George!

Just a short note of thanks to Community Bank and Trust for publishing George Washington’s 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation to the new nation. It is an excellent reminder to all of us from whence our blessings come.

David Allen, Waco

About those electrons

In response to my recent column on the climate emergency, Mr. Carl Buckland expressed confusion over my recommendation to select the 100% renewable energy option from electricity providers. Mr. Buckland is correct that electrons from renewable and from fossil-fuel sources blend before reaching one’s home. But by requesting all renewable energy, one’s provider then creates a proportional demand for the construction of more wind and solar energy facilities. Hence, progress is made on the road to 100% clean, renewable energy, required to combat our worsening climate crisis.

Alan D. Northcutt, M.D., Waco

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