Medical marijuana

Texas House Bill 63 has been advanced after a favorable committee vote. If it isn’t known by now, I am a huge advocate for whole-plant medicinal cannabis use for our great state of Texas. However, I do not support HB 63, which would institute a civil penalty for low-level marijuana possession rather than leaving it a criminal case. The penalty for possession would be no more than a $250 fine.

While this bill if passed would make all the local stoners and dealers happy, it doesn’t address the very real need for cannabis to be accessed legally for people who need it for medical afflictions such as chronic pain, PTSD and cancer chemotherapy symptoms. Weed isn’t just weed. Different strains of cannabis offer very different treatments for very different disorders and illnesses. Medical dispensaries would have more access and choices for the patient.

Buying cannabis via the black market is much like what Forrest Gump’s mother said about a box of chocolates: “You never know what you’re going to get.” I am afraid that if HB 63 passes, state legislators will claim they have addressed the legal issue and move on without looking at the other bills that lean more toward the medical reforms we so badly need.

Eighty percent of all Texans under 65 want some form of cannabis reform. I do not believe that HB 63 will help with that reform. It will still be illegal — and by now we all should know that for the past 80-something years and trillions of dollars spent, cannabis possession being treated as a criminal act has done nothing to curb its illegal use in the United States.

Steve Davies, Waco

Genocide enablers

I’m glad the U.S. Senate took a vote on the abortion-at-birth bill. Democrats voting against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act have shown how much they care about human life. They can’t say how sorry they feel about immigrants at the border who are being held. There’s simply no excuse for not voting yes to hold any doctor responsible for not trying to save a life.

If anyone votes for any Democrat, you can’t claim to be a Christian. You are enablers of the biggest genocide ever, outdoing the Holocaust by millions. The woman’s health is no excuse when the baby is already born.

Jerry Willett, Lorena

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