Mass manipulation!

It’s no surprise the mainstream news media want to incite fear regarding the coronavirus. It‘s good for ratings, after all. Where was all this attention and congressional oversight during the 2009-2010 swine flu (H1N1)? Let me remind all of H1N1 statistics taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website: 60.7 million cases worldwide; 274,304 hospitalizations; 12,469 deaths in the United States alone. I was living in Hawaii at the time. Again, the CDC website confirms at least 2,221 cases in Hawaii. I was Case No. 792 officially from the CDC. I was deathly sick for one month. I don’t recall much buzz or drastic measures taken such as quarantining entire regions, including Italy.

The CDC website states that most won’t even have symptoms beyond the discomfort of a common cold if positive for coronavirus.

This is a good lesson to learn: The United States is too dependent on China for goods, trade and medicine. We should work toward independence in all sectors of our economy. New viruses will continue to appear and spread globally. So why the hype and sensationalism with coronavirus? This appears to me to be a successful social and biological experiment in controlling the masses and influencing markets on a global scale. Now that’s something to be scared of.

Dana Bartels, Woodway

Gone are the days

I come to the newspaper every day to keep in touch with my hometown. I am so disappointed to read about the historical church that Waco is allowing Chip and Joanna Gaines to destroy for another dollar in their pocket. Why don’t you change the name of Waco to Chip & Joanna Gaines, Texas? You are certainly letting them run the city!

I was born and raised in Waco. I am tired of looking for it on the Internet and it’s coming up “Wacko, Texas.” I’m beginning to believe its leaders have gone wacko letting outsiders come in and destroy it for the sake of an almighty dollar. I was raised down by the Silos that the Gaineses restored to be a money pot. I enjoyed walking by and seeing the trains and watching them load grain. But it’s crazy that townspeople and their leadership are letting them destroy historical sites to benefit themselves. Let the sites remain where they were built and let people take tours of the beauty and history of Waco. There is so much history there.

Tell people about the old square that was hit by the tornado and what a wonderful place it was for the people who went there for their Saturday shopping and movies and to eat. Erect some of the buildings and sites so people can see and understand that it is a great city, not a hosting venue for the Gaineses. I bet you will not print this, but if you do, I hope the leaders will quit selling their history for a buck. I was there when I-35 was a one-lane dirt road instead of a big interstate highway.

Mary Hodges, Seguin

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