The time is right

During the last two meetings, the city’s Sustainable Resource Practices Advisory Board, in my opinion, shifted from general support to nonsupport of a proposal put forth by board member Sarah Brockhaus (representing Baylor University) and environmental advocate Alan Northcutt titled, “To transition the city to 100 percent clean renewable energy.” The procedures involved in adopting a recommendation to the Waco City Council were the main objections of the advisory board. Yet in the Jan. 17 meeting, Dr. Northcutt noted that a 2018 Yale University poll showed a majority of McLennan County residents believe “local officials should do more to address global warming.” The Go Renewable Waco campaign has garnered wide support locally. Waco must join the more than 100 cities nationwide that have already adopted a path to a more secure future.

The appointment of a Renewable Energy Transition Advisory Board comprised of area residents with real expertise in environmental sciences and their application and realistic concerns about the ongoing health of our planet is an important next step. This new board would assist city officials to develop and implement practical plans as the city transitions to renewable energy in orderly fashion. I am certain that city of Waco professionals and concerned citizens adept in sustainable energy technology can work together flexibly. A little spurring to action from well-informed citizens is a sign that democracy is alive. We are all in this together.

John Fox, Waco


The Trib article by Mr. Ericksen reporting on the Waco Sustainable Resource Practices Advisory Board meeting of Jan. 17 is greatly appreciated. However, I am concerned the headline, “Board Nixes Renewable Energy Plan,” may be confusing. In fact, the Waco Friends of Peace/Climate remains committed to working with the board to ensure rapid city steps to combat anthropogenic climate change through the use of clean, renewable energy. And the urgency of action is emphasized by renowned natural historian Sir David Attenborough: “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

Alan D. Northcutt, M.D., Director, Waco Friends of Peace/Climate

Wrong-way tax cut

To the president and others: My numbers are preliminary, but it appears my tax cut will amount to $300. That’s right, a cut of negative $300. To clarify, I’m paying about $300 more this year than last on comparable income. Thankfully, I expected this and adjusted withholding to cover the anticipated increase.

To friends and neighbors sufficiently naive to think that “tax cut” in Republican-speak means “paying less in taxes,” I hope you’re ready for small-concept correction.

Jay B. McMillen, Woodway

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