Vote Denny Lessman

I’m honored and privileged to recommend Denny Lessman for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1. As a former member of the Texas State Senate and mayor of Waco, I believe experience and credentials are important when considering for whom to vote. A significant part of a JP’s docket concerns criminal law. Denny is board-certified in criminal law. A large portion of a JP’s docket concerns civil law. Denny has practiced civil law since graduation from law school.

Experience should be an important consideration when evaluating a judicial candidate. Denny has been the municipal judge of the city of Marlin since 2011. In that capacity he instituted important reforms that contributed to the efficient administration of that court. The Marlin Municipal Court is now a court of record.

Judge Lessman has been involved with his community. As president of the Marlin Chamber of Commerce, Denny brought diverse segments of the community together to improve life for hundreds of Central Texas citizens and businesses. Judge Lessman is a family man. He is a devoted husband and father.

Denny Lessman will work tirelessly for our community. As justice of the peace, he will be fair to all who come before him. I urge everyone to vote for Denny Lessman as Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1.

David Sibley, Texas State Senator, 1991-2002; Mayor, City of Waco, 1987-88

Served them right

Regarding the 25th anniversary of the Branch Davidian siege: Yes, the Davidians were wrong. No, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and FBI were not guilt-free. If federal authorities had raided the place and not killed the children and women, that would have been OK. If they determined this could not be accomplished, then they should have backed off and tried something else. The feds did not research the situation before the raid. Sorry to say it, but they got what they deserved. Now they are still screwing up by hounding President Trump. Surely the federal government can hire more qualified people.

R.W. Schiemenz, Gholson

Pass the fried chicken

My thoughts may qualify as opinion if I keep them concise. (That will be hard!) I recently took an unseen but heavy personal problem into a local restaurant and predictably acted impulsively. Glancing toward a server whom I’d long enjoyed, my whisper might not have ordered such rich refreshment but for her poignant sensitivity: “I need prayer!” That busy girl stopped just long enough to take both my hands and pray to our God who understood completely — and who listened.

One last indulgence-in-print. Before I reached our car, the answer had arrived! So I returned home with a great deal more than calories in fried chicken that day. Thanks, Lord, for stationing believers across my path when I need them most.

Kay King, Eddy