Praise for Jamie LeVie

What a breath of fresh air to read Jamie LeVie’s column on “infodemics” concerning political and press efforts to scare the public about the pandemic. No attacks, no politicizing but merely an examination of facts through reasoning. Ms. LeVie, I trust you will continue to write as I appreciate your balanced style. Question: Regarding your group’s acronym, NeW (for Network of Enlightened Women), why the lower case “e”?

Brett Solem, Lorena

COVID loose in Texas

Texas leads the nation in rate of spread of COVID-19. On May 22, the Washington Post reported on tracking of the disease by the Imperial College of London and the Policy Lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Both labs reported that in Texas, COVID-19 cases were increasing faster than anywhere else in the country. Each infected person in Texas, with or without symptoms, is infecting far more than one other person. So the peak is nowhere in sight. And though Dallas and Houston have the highest rates of increases in cases, the 1,500 deaths in Texas are from all over the state.

Yet from letters and articles I have read recently, many Wacoans believe that we are relatively safe here and that COVID-19 is still spreading faster on the East and West coasts. However, the rate of spread is going down in New York and holding steady or decreasing in 24 other states. And Texas leads the pack of the 26 states where the infection rate keeps going up. Since our Texas governor has reopened all of Texas, many believe the worst is now behind us.

We see far fewer masks in public places. Yet leading Texas doctors and mayors are warning us that we are reopening too soon, especially in high-risk businesses and areas. So what can we do? The answer is simple. We cannot depend on the federal government or state government to keep us safe. And while local leaders are urging caution, in the end it is up to us. Only we, as Waco citizens and businesses, can keep us safe. Whether we live or die depends on our own behavior. Keep our distance, wear masks, wash our hands. Repeat till that infection curve goes all the way up and all the way down.

As for myself? My masks will be a permanent part of my daily wardrobe.

Gwenn Murry, Waco

Old rituals need revamp

Watching local graduation ceremonies reminds us to be more aware and conscientious of our place on Earth. Fireworks displays with metallic particles and dangerous toxins as well as balloon releases scarring the landscape with deadly ribbons and non-biodegradable materials threaten wildlife, then eventually, us. Please consider alternatives to these very harmful practices such as planting a tree per graduate or adopting a park, street or highway.

Congratulations Global Class of 2020!

Bruce Huff, President, Group W Bench Litter Patrol

EDITOR’S NOTE: Huff’s nonprofit group has earned the praise of civic leaders for cleaning up other people’s litter and messes in the Waco area.

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