The Flores legacy

The statement by Rep. Bill Flores in Thursday’s paper regarding the impeachment inquiry raises some very interesting questions. I have spoken with his staff in Waco and in D.C. and neither could answer them. Maybe this letter will prompt a response.

In his Tuesday statement Flores says: “Their circus [referring to House Democrats] continued today by launching an impeachment inquiry…. and inventing charges based upon the hearsay of an unnamed person who does not even meet our legal ‘whistleblower’ requirements because he/she does not have firsthand knowledge of, nor were they a witness to, the conversation between the two leaders.”

How did Flores know this at that point? Had he read the complaint? Does he know the whistleblower? How did he know who was in the room to witness the phone conversation? He says that the unnamed person “does not even meet our legal ‘whistleblower’ requirements.”

Legal? What is not legal is for the Inspector General to review the complaint, find it urgent and of national security importance, then see the administration refuse to give it to Congress, thus confounding its constitutional oversight powers. By law, the complaint must be given to Congress if it is found to be credible by the IG, which it clearly was.

Representative Flores, now that you’re leaving your seat, please stop making meaningless and misleading statements that your own staff can’t explain. Remember it will be this kind of rhetoric that leaves a legacy of one who supported a lawless administration.

Ellie Caston, Waco

Double standards?

Regarding the Wednesday column by the former independent counsel whose investigation led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton: Hey, Ken Starr! Hypocrisy much?

Lee Van Wagner, Waco

Deeper questions

In his Sunday Trib op-ed, Blake Burleson suggests 36 quality-of-life questions for our congressional district’s next U.S. House representative. Thirteen of Burleson’s questions use the words wealthy, pay, cash, buy, money, cost, debt, wage, taxes or income, while only one question relates to abortion: “Would you vote to make all abortions illegal in America?” Do these material factors deserve 13 times as much attention as the protection of a mother and her child who are created by God in His image?

I would hope Burleson, an ordained Baptist minister and a member of Baylor’s religion department, would ask prospective legislators some deeper questions to learn the basis for the candidate’s pro-life or pro-abortion position. Here are three such questions: What implications do you draw from Psalm 139:13, which states “ [God] knit me together in my mother’s womb”? What do you think is meant by Jeremiah 1:5, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,...”? And what does Proverbs 6:16-17 say to us about abortion, “...the Lord hates...hands that shed innocent blood,...”?

Hopefully Burleson will join other Waco-area Christians at the annual Care Net Banquet Thursday. He can also pray with us for mothers, fathers, their babies and abortion providers at the 40 Days for Life Prayer campaign Sept. 24-Nov. 2. And he’s invited to our monthly Second Sunday Pro-Life Lunch at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. If he comes, I’ll buy his lunch!

Tom Harrison, Waco

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