Herod’s flock!

In response to Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta’s May 19 letter [“Be against abortion”], I have to laugh when pro-embryo crusaders maintain that pro-choicers are abortion “fans” or “lovers.” No one in his right mind supports abortion for abortion’s sake, not even liberal progressives, certainly not after the first trimester. Honest, it’s true, no matter what you hear on cable TV.

Among our perplexities about all-or-nothing pro-embryo warriors are biblical ideals about the immorality of “killing babies,” even as the immoralities of forcing women to bring unwanted children into this hard world and subsequently refusing to support their growth, health care, education or quality of life once they get here go largely ignored. These same pro-birthers are apparently OK with caging brown children after they’ve been taken from their mothers. Is it much of a stretch to envision these same pro-birthers rooting for Herod’s soldiers as they separated Jewish infants from their mothers on Herod’s orders to slaughter the rumored Messiah he found so threatening?

We pro-choicers also wonder where pro-lifers get the idea that it’s any of their business what a woman unrelated to them does with her own body, how she plans her family, how she charts her future, how she exercises her rights as a citizen. This is America, not Afghanistan. If you’re against abortion, don’t get one.

So per Mr. Pisciotta’s suggestion that we be for something, here’s what we’re for: If your daughter or wife or sister finds herself pregnant, love her as Jesus would and help her to make the decision that’s best for her. No Christian should shackle any woman or girl or the taxpayers to a burden she’s not ready for — especially when you have no intention of advocating for her or her baby after it gets here!

Michael Jones, Waco

Liberals in handcuffs!

The Trib opinion editor wrote a piece in Sunday’s paper about immigration [“Big Bend immigration dustup captures mad hypocrisy of the times”]. Well, it began as an immigration story, then quickly devolved into a tirade against the president. Why is the media in so much financial trouble? Shedding subscribers and listeners? Crap writings like this one. Every story should be about the disgraced Democrat party, DNC shenanigans and mainstream media and its culpability in furthering a huge lie. Every specific allegation against Trump is now proven to have been perpetrated by the Dems, left, liberals, however you label them. It’s projection, pure and simple. The real problems will arise when the general public starts seeing the arrests. Names they never considered will be front-page news. Liberal heroes in handcuffs. That is, if the MSM actually reports them honestly and openly. The baloney from those who now wield the power in local and national news outlets will be exposed for the posers that they really are, then promptly be replaced, hopefully. Get your minds prepared now. Stock up on popcorn!

Michael Varadi, Woodway