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Two from California

As a new reader of the Trib and one-year member of the Waco community, I applaud you on your decision to back away from the consistent Trump-bashing. I left California to get away from liberal hatred and for the most part rejoice in the more conservative and healthy attitudes of Texas.

Since subscribing to the Trib (3 months for 3 dollars), I have been sorely disappointed in that many of your articles are incessant in putting a little spin (twist of the knife) at every opportunity to bash Trump. I had nearly completely refrained from reading anymore of your displaced anger with our president but responsibly at least read the beginning words of your “journalistic” comments... usually till I stumbled on your jabs and insults. So far, the piece by “The Davids” this past Saturday is the most satisfying I have yet read.

Question to David Gallagher and David Schleicher: If the pandemic has got you to realize that the community does not support your political views, then why take just a six-month break from your anger? I suggest you get some anger-management therapy, reevaluate your lives and take a good look at the incredible things President Trump and his team have accomplished. You will have many more supporters. Maybe it’s your agenda that’s screwed up!

I do not know if I will renew my subscription to the Trib. I like the local news but do not pay any attention (or dollars) to fake news and mainstream media. Personally, I don’t care if you fail. It is of your own doing!

John Pfost, Waco

* * *

I am a subscriber who prefers to get ink on my fingers when reading the local news rather than reading it online. I look forward to the Tribune-Herald’s Opinion page. Trib columnists David Gallagher and David Schleicher never fail to deliver laughs and lessons to ponder.

As one of those dreadful California transplants who are “ruining Texas,” I appreciate the opportunity to snicker along with clever sarcasm. I don’t always agree with them, but their column often starts a lively discussion in our house. I will continue to follow the column in any form it is produced.

Thanks, you two — and thanks to the Trib staff for producing an excellent newspaper.

Penelope Nicoll, Waco

And from Mexia

To Mr. Gallagher & Mr. Schleicher: Please do not overstay your sabbatical. I look forward to your column every weekend.

The Waco paper is the most fair, honest and truthful newspaper in the state. It has always balanced the coverage between the right and left in government.

I want continued coverage by Tommy Witherspoon, Kristin Hoppa and the others you mentioned. They are good people.

Also, I appreciate the courage of opinion editor Bill Whitaker for speaking out on controversial issues.

Keep the faith.

Joe Cannon, Mexia

EDITOR’S NOTE: For the record, the decision by Trib contributors David Gallagher and David Schleicher to temporarily discontinue their column’s appearance in the Trib is theirs alone and was pursued without so much as a word of consultation with Tribune-Herald editors. Their column continues at with our full blessing.

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