America under attack

It’s time to recognize election security as fundamental to America’s national security. Today, America’s elections are under attack from hostile foreign actors such as Russia and Iran. That’s not a talking point. It’s a fact.

National security shouldn’t be a partisan squabble, yet Sen. Mitch McConnell has ignored three bipartisan election security bills that are stuck in committee. While there are always differences about how best to keep the country safe, both parties have always fulfilled the government’s solemn duty to protect the nation. That’s why Congress’ current intransigence on election security is so troubling.

Free and fair elections are at the core of America’s constitutional democracy. People obey laws and trust leaders precisely because they have confidence that those leaders are the products of trustworthy elections. With the 2020 elections fast approaching, Congress must act quickly this fall to ensure they have integrity. It’s their job. It’s what the American people deserve.

Chris Gagin, legal advisor, Republicans for the Rule of Law

Epstein was Trumped!

Fox News, the Trump fixers across our nation, quickly jumped to divert all attention from criminal, adulterer-in-chief, tax-evading, draft-dodging Donnie. It’s tragic that accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein died before facing justice. Deflection from Trump’s considerable ties to Epstein to the Clintons, courtesy of our president’s proclivity for conspiracy-mongering, comes even though Trump was responsible for Epstein’s incarceration and welfare.

In short, since we’re now in the realm of spinning conspiracies by presidential fiat, I believe Mr. Epstein was more likely “Trumped” than “Clintoned.”

Louis Felan, Meridian

And one more thing!

Regarding Herb Brenner’s Aug. 9 letter regarding my own of July 24:

I took the same oath to protect and defend the United States of America when I joined the military more than 50 years ago that the president does. I have never seen another flag flown above the national ensign. I will not allow “Old Glory” to be desecrated in my presence. I’m old and they may knock me down, but they will know I was there!

Mr. Brenner’s obvious if condescending presumption that my French friend is white speaks volumes. Yes, he is white, Christian, educated, speaks five languages and would assimilate nicely into the fabric of America and contribute as an asset to our nation. But being an American has nothing to do with race, color or place of birth. It is a precept fashioned by our Founding Fathers to give all people a chance to succeed, unfettered by governmental restraints. I do not recall skin color ever being mentioned. This is a tool used by Democrat Socialists to create division. Sadly, it is working.

Dan Dayton, West

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