Election reform

If you are as upset about the actions of Donald Trump as I am, please contact our senators and let them know. One of the real problems we have is the unflinching loyalty of elected officials to their political parties. Election reform is the most obvious solution to free our representatives from these restrictions on their actions. All we can ask for is the bravery and integrity of our elected officials.

James Trombley, Waco

* * *

In 2004, I tried to vote and was denied. I failed to vote in the previous two election cycles and so was dropped from registration. That experience stuck with me and helped shape my commitment to voting. It also prompted a desire to have the federal government implement new voting laws. Seeing as that’s most likely not going to happen, I propose Texas be a leader in this endeavor and show other states how to do it, thus prompting the federal government to adopt these ideas.

It’s a simple three-prong approach.

  • First, make voter-registration automatic. There are plenty of registration systems to use and it will get all Texans registered quickly.
  • Second, change the voting day from Tuesday to a weekend and continue to have two weeks of early voting. Tuesday was the choice because in the early 19th century most people observed Sabbath on Sunday, traveled to town on Monday and voted on Tuesday.
  • Finally, make voting mandatory or pay a small fine. This eliminates Democrats’ claim of voter suppression and gives Republicans the voter security they have tried to ensure since every person is required to vote and can only vote once. It’s already being done in Australia with a $50 fine and most people aren’t bothered by it because they vote and avoid the fine.

Texas deserves to be a leader in this and having these in place would show the true voice of Texas.

Jake Myers, Robinson

Dark horse sought

Well, I thought I would never be writing again. However, due to the country’s situation, I feel compelled to do so.

I have a question: If indeed one exists, where is the “dark horse” who could hit the track running at this stage and compete with our president and all others vying for the White House? I believe there are many of us — you might be one — who would vote for and cheer such a dark horse across the finish line or, perhaps, the starting line.

I truly look for that new day dawning. As the old saying goes, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

Joe Bob Boyd, Whitney

Makes our day

Of the Trib’s coverage regarding Waco’s four newest historic landmark award winners: Love the Health Camp. Have eaten there many a time since 1963. I get the No. 2 with onion rings and a peanut butter/chocolate shake. Makes my day.

Hope to visit there many more times when my wife and I move to the Waco area next summer.

Andy and Jo Ann Pittman, College Station

EDITOR’S NOTE: Look forward to having you as a neighbor and sharing space with you at Health Camp.

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