Vote for Cervenka

How refreshing to meet a person running for office who does not have the driving persona of a politician vying for votes but, as we reviewed his business plan, clearly has taken critical steps for getting those votes. Robert Cervenka immediately captured me as a straightforward, intelligent individual focused on the next chapter of his life as a member of the McLennan County Commissioners Court for Precinct 1. When the McLennan County Commissioners Court can gain someone like Bob with his extensive background, 29 years, working for the city of Waco planning department and seven years’ experience as city manager for Robinson, it’s a win for McLennan County.

When asked about the duties and responsibilities of a county commissioner, he directed me to the internet site for the Texas Association of Counties. This support site is very comprehensive. In reviewing the job responsibilities against Bob’s experience listed on his own website, it was clear to me that Bob has a very strong background for the tasks at hand, as well as personality traits that will allow him to adapt quickly and work well with colleagues, staff and the public.

Bob has his master’s degree from Baylor University and has been a lifelong resident of McLennan County. He has invested his time over the past year meeting with businesses and residents in Precinct 1 to discuss their needs and expectations.

We don’t often have the opportunity of getting a person like Robert Cervenka. I am excited as a taxpayer and am looking forward to having the opportunity to get to know Bob better as a friend and hopefully as a county commissioner for Precinct 1.

Bill Foster, Hewitt

Electrifying drive

I greatly appreciate Trib staff writer Rhiannon Saegert’s informative article on electric vehicle (EV) charging in the Trib Jan. 26. Since I have had experience driving a Chevy Bolt EV for three years, I would like to clarify several crucial points in the article.

  • The range problems of Teresa Porter are NOT typical of EV drivers today. Her first-generation Leaf has only about an 85-mile range, while my car and most EVs purchased today have a range over 200 miles, clearly adequate for daily hometown driving.
  • Longer trips to cities like Dallas and Austin are NOT difficult, given their large number of chargers. Further, Tesla plots your route between cities, including necessary charging stops.
  • For hometown driving, most people use Level 2 home chargers, which power a complete charge overnight and cost as little as $200. Level 3 chargers are typically used for out-of-town trips and require about 1.5 hours for a complete charge. For its burgeoning tourism, Waco only has 2 multi-cord stations open 24 hours.
  • EVs are now competitively priced. For example, a Hyundai Kona Electric, range 258 miles, is only $23,000 after federal tax credit! With electric charging about half the cost of gas fueling, and with much lower EV maintenance expenses, several studies have found the lifecycle cost of some EVs is actually LESS than that of gas cars.
  • In 2020, with no real range anxiety, competitive prices, convenient charging, silent operation, no tailpipe pollution, no climate-warming emissions, and world-class acceleration, I recommend that everyone seriously consider an EV. Besides, purchasing an EV is an investment in a healthy climate for our children.

Alan D. Northcutt, M.D., Waco

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