By word and deed

I respond to your recent editorial “What should Wacoans expect of 2020 congressional candidates?” I share your observations of the Washington circus and the “abyss into which our republic appears destined.” It is, in fact, the reason I decided to run two years ago and to run again in 2020.

I understand the frustration that you and many others have felt over the last decade being represented in Washington by someone who “couldn’t point to Waco on a map,” as one Wacoan recently said to me. But to insist that Waco and McLennan County can only be fully represented in Congress by a resident is to potentially deny the other half-million-plus residents of the 17th their fair representation.

Nobody is from everywhere. I suggest rather that you look for a candidate who best fulfills the other criteria you define while at the same time spending the time necessary in Waco and McLennan County to listen to the people to understand the local issues. If the candidate you elect fails to live up to that ideal, you have the power to fire them in two short years.

Texans deserve a candidate who will look them in the eye and tell them the truth — even when it isn’t politically convenient.

Texans deserve a candidate who won’t be beholden to special interests — that’s why I rejected corporate PAC contributions on Day 1 of my campaign.

The stakes in 2020 are high. Fighting corruption and indifference of D.C., the gun-violence epidemic, fighting for access to health care and more are all on the ballot. I will always work with the community to make sure their needs are met and I’ll be a champion in D.C. to ensure that we come up with solutions to keep our communities safe and prosperous. Judge your candidates by word and deed — not mailing address — and choose wisely.

Rick Kennedy, Democratic Candidate for Congress, 17th District, Texas

18 years ago

Where were you on that fateful day

Eighteen years ago?

How could this happen to a city so large

By an unknown enemy and foe?

Just what do they believe and think,

And who leads a multitude this way?

Unanswered questions from centuries past,

Resulted in terror on that day.

We continue to mourn those three thousand lives

And thousands more military souls

That have fought and died, and gave their all

To preserve our liberties and goals.

Of freedom for you, your sons and daughters

A life they can choose to pursue.

With help and guidance from our Maker and Lord

Can they do it? It just might depend on you!

Ben Hagins, Woodway

Lake of burning sulfur!

English poet William Congreve got it wrong when he penned “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” But then so did the ESPN radio guys who splayed Saturday’s McLane gameday as being “hot as hell.” While I almost apologize for using my red pen again, nevertheless we all should read Revelation 20 on a regular basis.

Kay King-Hill, Eddy

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