Focused on the team

Yesterday I had a most delightful experience driving along and recognizing Baylor Lady Bears coach Kim Mulkey power walking through the neighborhood. I felt compelled to stop and congratulate her on a great season and ask about her trip to Washington, D.C. I was more than flattered that this national legend graciously stopped her exercise to tell me how excited she was for her girls to have that experience to be congratulated by President Trump. She elaborated about the entire wonderful trip for these champion girls to our nation’s capital, adding that this president was the first of three to feed the group that descended on the White House.

This woman is genuinely focused on her team, their experience in Division I basketball. To say the least, I was impressed and thought that if I had a daughter talented enough to play at this level, this is the coach I would trust with my child.

Thanks for your time, Coach Kim.

Bill Beaty, McGregor

Hypocrisy on parade

Two golf outings for the president cost $2.9 million. Should a leader of the free world be on a social network, tweeting? He’s kind of a celebrity president. This is a president who does not really know what he wants to do; he simply wants to be popular with everybody before whatever audience he has.

The president is obsessed with cable TV. This is a president who rules by executive authority, executive action. If he is not doing executive orders, then he is out on the golf course. Has any president in your lifetime taken on this kind of tone, this kind of harshness, either toward his predecessor or toward a single media outlet?

For the man who said we have to get the deficit under control, he’s not doing it. What’s in these records that you don’t want us to know about? He is pandering to the worst regimes and thugs and dictators.

The president and the people are convinced that God has anointed him to fix everything in one fell swoop. This is a president who has become known as a blamer. He never makes concessions. We have a president who can never admit he’s wrong. Skip the trash talk. Mr. President, stop acting like a school yard bully and start acting like the leader of the free world.

These are all the various statements Fox News has said about President Obama. Yet every word perfectly describes Trump. Fox News equals Hypocrisy.

Raymond Arsenault, Belton

Issue of the day

In his April 12 column, Pastor Jimmy Dorrell rightfully challenges pro-lifers to address the issues of poverty, teen pregnancy, racial prejudice, homelessness and the sustainability of the earth. Dorrell argues these issues rival abortion in importance. He overlooks the fact not a single aborted baby ever lives to face any issue or any opportunity to help the poor or others in need. Abortion is the life-or-death issue of the day.

Tom Harrison, Waco

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