Not all cuts equal

Regarding the letter to the editor of Nov. 5 by Thomas E. Webster: Mr. Webster, be careful what you wish for. You applaud Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s efforts, in your words, “in controlling state spending.” This was in your response to the Texas Tribune report about Patrick wielding power to make the Texas Legislative Budget Board “undermanned and under fire.”

Legislative Budget Board staffers are the people who do the research, then advise the Texas Legislature about realistic budgeting. They are the messengers about what is realistic in the budgeting of a legislative bill and what is not. These staffers are not decision-makers, only advisers. If their advice is followed, it will be subject to the inherent system of checks being measured against accuracy and repercussions.

Ask yourself: Why would Dan Patrick or any other politician want to remove those who furnish reliable information about proposed spending practices? Why would any politician want to curtail these staffers’ ability to research the facts to produce a realistic budget?

Not all government employees carry the same merit. Choose wisely where you would cut state employees.

Glenda Miller, Waco

Between two points

While reading the Trib article “High-speed rail fans see promise in project” on the front page of the Nov. 5 edition, I was struck by a statement by Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce policy director Jessica Attas regarding a question from Holly Reed. Holly asked for a show of hands of those who enjoy driving from Dallas to Houston via Interstate 35.

I was confused, so I pulled out my Texas Almanac. Also, I looked up Texas on Google Maps. Even asked Mom.

Yep, that highway doesn’t go between those two cities. No wonder no one raised their hands. It is physically impossible to make such a drive.

Kind of undermines the whole idea being presented by these enthusiasts when they get basic facts and geographical locations wrong. Now if she asked who avoids IH-35 because of the constant construction, I bet a large percentage of those present would have raised their hands. There is a highway that goes between Dallas and Houston, but it is not mentioned in the article.

David Rogers, Eddy

Carpetbagger coming!

The Associated Press reports electorally defeated Pete Sessions of Dallas will come carpetbagging to run for Congress in your district. The people of his former district didn’t like him anymore. Was this because he didn’t spend any time in the district? Or was this because the Republican platform he pledged to support is so noxious to the sensibilities of his former constituents in the 5th and 32nd congressional districts? Or is it they don’t want to support anybody who supports a vain and vulgar pathological liar, cheat and thief, a racist con-man and porn-star adulterer?

Pete is not a bad guy and he has lots of experience, but isn’t it time for new blood?

D.J. Neyhart, Berkeley, Calif.

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