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As names of Republican candidates running for the congressional seat being vacated by Bill Flores begin to emerge in coming weeks, each potential candidate owes our district an answer to one basic question before they share policy positions: Is Donald Trump a man of decency, honor and integrity? A “yes,” a stutter or an answer preceded by any number of qualifications will prove that they are not straight talkers but rather politicians who will lie their way to election. (Unless they actually believe their “yes,” which would be indicative of some deeper, seriously disqualifying moral issues.) Conservatives have long said they simply want a candidate who “tells it like it is” without all the political posturing. Ask the question so we can tell if they mean it.

Craig Nash, Waco

22 years too long

Sorry, Mr. Sessions, you will not receive my vote for U.S. Rep. Bill Flores’ seat. We have a lot of good men and women from our area who understand Waco and what we need better than I think you do. I don’t want anyone who is a professional politician. A 10-year period in any position is max and 22 years in Congress is simply too long.

Linda Whittredge, Woodway

Loose lips

We hear cries from the Republicans that Democrats are dividing the nation. That’s hard to understand when Republicans continue to challenge the truth, obfuscate and lie at every turn.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) attacked Rep. Lauren Underwood, a Democrat, as a “fake nurse.” Just so happens this lady is a registered research nurse who studied at Johns Hopkins and worked at the National Institutes of Health. They attacked Rep. Max Rose, a Democrat, for his height (5’6”) and called him anti-Semitic. Rep. Rose is Jewish and a decorated veteran (Purple Heart and Bronze Star). The Republican attack is anti-Semitic! Rep. Lucy McBath, a Democrat, lost her son to gun violence and the NRCC accused her of wanting to make a “quick buck” off the death of her son.

The NRCC displays its true colors: nothing but lies and a total lack of empathy and any moral compass. They even attacked Democrats for a bill raising congressional pay when Republicans actively participated in that legislation!

Instead of trying to unify citizens, NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer is doing the opposite. His observation: “Our communication team has a direct mandate from me and Leader (Kevin McCarthy) to be ruthless.” Obviously, they have taken their cue directly from Liar-in-Chief Donald Trump.

Nancy Glasscock, Temple

And that’s no bull

Just saw Speaker Nancy Pelosi say President Trump was scared. She wishes. Trump reminds me of Shorty, an Angus bull of many years ago. When Shorty lowered his head, pawed at the ground and made rumbling noises, he was not scared, Sweetie. Start looking for a way out of his barnyard.

Juanita Case, Hewitt

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