Trump’s America

I’ve been extremely busy, so thanks to the Trib for being patient in my response, as I did want to respond to Mike O’Bric’s response to my Jan. 22 letter. I bet some people are surprised when Mike calls himself an independent.

Dems know that thinking Americans are not going to vote for their leftist policies of taxpayer-funded abortions, tax-funded health care for illegal aliens, sanctuary cities for criminals and adoption of self-destructive socialist platforms. And this poppycock impeachment is a desperate Dems distraction, part of their 2020 presidential campaign.

After listening to the long-winded whine by Congressman Adam Schiff, I thought of that quote sometimes attributed to Teddy Roosevelt: “To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a leftist, tell him the truth.” Most folks are sick of the derelict Dems’ flimflam show. Real Americans see through their bogus victimization routine. It’s Dems who seek to raise taxes, increase medical costs and attack conservatives.

The real issue: We now have two different cultures in the USA. A majority are for God, tout pro-life principles, embrace constitutional rights, cherish truth and opportunity and just want to work and be left alone. A smaller segment embraces varying degrees of socialism and Marxism and are morons who are against equal freedom and justice and see the U.S. taxpayer as their beast of burden. Democrats have almost identical talking points and policies as our enemies!

Eric Mach, Denton

* * *

Last week’s Senate vote to conduct a trial without witnesses is worse than the attack on Pearl Harbor. The attack on Pearl Harbor was done by a foreign adversary. Last week’s attack was done by our own people and president.

America was united against Japan. Today it is divided, not united, against this attack on our government.

Charlotte Labens, Waco

A generation ago

Fort Hood is deploying troops to Europe. I was part of one years ago called Big Lift. I left Waco in one of those two-story planes used to carry heavy equipment and troops.

We landed in southern Germany. Stayed in a military hotel, $4 a night. If four of us requested a chopper, we got one to go where the troops were. I stayed there 17 days. Made it through Checkpoint Charlie. Went to a military resort in southern Germany. Finally got up enough nerve to make it to Paris.

The troops did all right.

Bill Foster, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Hundreds of soldiers based at nearby Fort Hood are bound for Europe as part of “Defender Europe 20,” a joint U.S. Army-multinational training exercise scheduled through spring. It involves 20,000 U.S. soldiers participating in activities across 10 European countries.

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