Evil among us

What’s the name of your Bible? At first glance, this might seem a very personal question to ask. But stay with me for a minute.

Something really strange is happening in my world. More and more I hear about evangelical Christian Republicans! I don’t know who they are or what they believe in. It’s obvious, however, what is not important to them: the erratic and just plain stupid decisions by our fearless leader. I have yet to hear from any Republican leader highlighting sins or pressing a commitment to ethics and morals.

It’s not like the Ten Commandments were handed down to us to simply use as a guide. They are called “commandments” for a reason! And each is prefaced by “Thou shalt not”!

Why not speak up? Are you scared of the dreaded tweet? If you are, it’s too late, you are already sipping on the Kool-Aid. So I repeat the question: What Bible are you reading?

Dorothy Brown, Lorena

* * *

In reference to John Vickrey’s Nov. 22 letter, “Trump the Evil Doer”: I don’t claim to be an expert on the Bible or know what’s in God’s mind. I have heard Rev. Billy Graham quote from First Timothy. I guess he wasn’t aware that First Timothy was fake news.

Is President Trump evil because he wants to build a wall? I believe both Presidents Clinton and Obama made statements that a wall was necessary.

Maybe it was deportations? I believe President Obama was known as “deporter-in-chief.” How about the pictures of the cages? No, that couldn’t be. Those pictures were taken on the Obama watch. Trump continues to use them. Could it be because of his evil followers, the ones who beat up people in the streets and stop them from dining or shopping in peace because of their party affiliation? No, I believe they are the anti-Trumpers better known as ANTIFA. Is President Trump evil because he hates seeing folded American flags presented to grieving families or seeing wounded warriors in hospitals because of endless foreign wars? You decide.

Some people maintain the Clintons were evil. I think that I will let God decide. I hope I am on his good side.

William Bregan, McGregor

Foul on the field

Regarding the “GameDay” epilogue by Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta in the Nov. 21 Trib: Yes, the ESPN “GameDay” was glorious. It was great to have all those visitors in town. Too bad they saw the billboards by Pro-Life Waco. If they traveled around the Planned Parenthood clinic on State Highway 6, they saw the protesters. They now know there is an active group of far-right extremists in our town who are hell-bent on harassing women, lying to women (for example, there is no abortion-pill reversal) and imposing their will and religion on the rest of the people in Waco.

Mind your own business, John.

Cheryl Foster, Waco

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