Highly paid athlete

Super Tuesday is now behind us and more primaries are ahead. It has been interesting hearing Republican candidates and Trump supporters who continue to support his policies and to vote for him. They use the stock market as their benchmark of support to praise his financial and economic skills, even though in his private business affairs he went bankrupt multiple times. Since taking office his skills have increased the national debt and he has taken money from congressionally approved budget items to pay for other things while misusing taxpayer dollars.

His skills have now made him our country’s 10th highest-paid athlete. Taxpayers have paid $152 million for his golf trips. That is $50.6 million a year, records show. The No. 1 player in the world, Rory McIlroy, has been paid $12 million to play over the past two years.

Contrary to what Trump thinks, the stock market is not an executive branch agency governed by a president. It does react to a president’s policy decisions and financial/economic positions. If the United States’ spending and debt are not controlled, if constitutional financial rules are not followed, if our nation is led into bankruptcy, the United States and stock market may not recover.

Jim Igleheart, Waco

Democracy in decline

The Waco Tribune-Herald noted in its March 5 Page One story that primary election voter turnout was down from 2016. Although McLennan County Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe stated that people had completed voting Tuesday night by 8, we do not know how many people left the voting lines before 8 p.m. Could the fact that McLennan County gained 15,000 in population from 2012 to 2018 while reducing polling places 44% during the same period have affected the number of voters?

The Trib also noted longer lines other places within the state, particularly in African-American and Latino areas. Interestingly enough, the 50 counties in Texas with the greatest Latino and African-American population growth, 2.5 million between 2012-2018, closed 542 polling places during the same period. Does Texas government respect democracy and voting rights?

Carolyn and Tillman Rodabough, Waco

We can only hope

As Americans, we hope and pray for good, strong, moral leadership in Washington, D.C., in upcoming elections this fall. But it would be wise of us to not overlook the excellent leadership we have here in Waco.

Recently, Waco Police Chief Ryan Holt was promoted to assistant city manager while Waco Assistant City Manager Bradley Ford was promoted to deputy city manager. Both of these leaders will serve our city well with integrity and great skill. These were two outstanding choices!

And for the Waco Police Department to continue during this season under the very capable leadership of Assistant Police Chiefs Robert Lanning, Frank Gentsch and Mark Norcross is one more example of the top quality leadership that Waco is blessed to have.

Let’s aim to elect national leaders this November with the same high-quality stature that we have in these Waco servant leaders.

John Durham, Waco

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