State of disunion

Trump’s so-called “State of the Union” address had some aspects that can only be described as bizarre.

First, among the other egregious lies he told was his statement that he and the Republicans are protecting pre-existing conditions in our health care laws. As we speak, the Trump Administration is in court arguing that this protection should be eliminated. He told other bald-faced lies, but this was the worst. A close second was the egregious lie Trump told was that he would always protect Social Security and Medicare. Over the last few months, Trump has acknowledged that after the election, he and his administration are going to take a “close look” at these social safety-net programs.

Then, he made a mockery of the President’s Medal of Freedom by awarding it to Rush Limbaugh, who has made a career of spewing racism, hatred, divisiveness, misogyny and Islamophobia. It is fitting that he has advanced lung cancer since he has consistently denied the science which says that smoking causes lung cancer. He has also been a global warming, climate-science denier for a long time. Limbaugh is a person who definitely does not deserve the President’s Medal of Freedom, our nation’s highest civilian award.

There were a couple of heart-tugging moments, such as when the 100-year-old Tuskegee airman was introduced along with his great-grandson. Also, it was heartwarming to see the sergeant surprise his family by coming home from Iraq. But overall the speech was the most self-aggrandizing, lie-filled State of the Union speech I have ever heard. It was more of a Trump campaign rally than anything else.

Then, the next day, both at the National Prayer Breakfast and the speech he gave to those who supported him through this impeachment saga, Trump blasted those who impeached him and threatened them. Unfortunately, because Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and other Republicans skewered the Senate impeachment trial by not allowing additional witnesses and documentary evidence, Trump now pretends that he was victimized by the Democrats. He declares himself acquitted and exonerated. The Senate did, in fact, acquit him, but he is not exonerated. The facts of the case show pretty clearly he did that of which he was accused.

Although I do not agree with Republican Sen. Mitt Romney’s politics, I applaud him for having the courage to vote his conscience. It’s too bad some of the other Republican senators did not display the same moral courage Romney did.

Linda Robinson, Bellmead

Swann song

Did anyone else notice the bias in Sunday’s editorial board interviews with Congressional District 17 candidates? Renee Swann, a Trump-supporting Republican candidate, was treated with less than respect as they first threw her a diatribe against President Trump’s leadership qualities, then followed up with questions concerning a Scalia-written Heller decision (anyone familiar with that?) and Dan Patrick-recommended loophole closings on state gun laws (not federal). Meanwhile in their interview with Democrat candidate Rick Kennedy, they tossed him such hardballs as “Who is your favorite American hero” and “What book are you reading?”

I have not yet decided who will get my vote but I am certain I will not be using the Trib for any further candidate information.

Diane Schlecte, Waco

Soulless Republicans!

As the soulless Republican Party continued to defy democracy by ignoring overwhelming evidence that should have had Trump convicted, it occurred to me how the greatest damage is still being committed elsewhere. Republicans continue to promote trickle-down policies that have been shown time and again to benefit only a wealthy few while having harsh consequences for the rest of us. Greater damage is being caused by Republicans who are climate-change deniers. The cost of denial is immeasurable as Australians will now attest.

Unfortunately, superstitious-minded right-wingers seem satisfied so long as Republicans maintain an anti gay and anti abortion platform. History will have a harsh statement about the present day Republican Party and their right wing enablers.

John Vickrey, Norman, Oklahoma

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