New day coming

As governors across the country ponder how best the restart their states’ economies, one thing is certain: the new normal won’t bear much resemblance to the old one. Many businesses and even industries will bear scars for years, or even decades, of what historians and other observers likely will judge to have been a gross overreaction spurred by a sensationalist and highly partisan media.

The shutdown could have, and should have, been a more measured, specifically targeted and phased response formulated by cool-headed reason rather than a race to do something to avoid political fallout that could impact the upcoming election.

As it is, I fear this miscalculated stoppage of commerce will constitute an asteroid-pounding extinction event for many small businesses which are the heart and soul of our national economy. The economic landscape that emerges in the coming months may find us all wondering where some of our favorite and trusted establishments went. Let us all eagerly patronize those that survived the shutdown, and welcome — with discernment — those new establishments that arise from the ashes.

Gary Stokes, China Spring

Hippie in making

Due to the coronavirus epidemic and resulting economic shutdown, we are all subject to lifestyle-changing experiences in a number of different ways.

For me, the big change is not getting a haircut since my barbershop is currently closed. This has resulted in a drastic change in my appearance. By my hair being long, I now look like those 1960 hippies, a look I never cared for.

Another lifestyle change I am experiencing is not having my toenails clipped by my nail lady (shop also closed). This has resulted in a battle of trying to keep my toenail problem in check.

I hope these shops open soon; and if not, I guess I will go on looking like a hippie with ingrown toenails.

Don Collins, Waco

Face masks, please!

Yesterday we went to H-E-B in Woodway for our grocery curbside pickup. This is a wonderful service since we are both seniors and have health concerns, though I long for just shopping the aisles.

While we waited, I watched numerous people going in and out of the store and never saw anyone wearing a mask. I was shocked at the lack of concern people seemed to display for the health situation our world is in. Health experts have explained the need for face masks but apparently these people believe they know more than the experts or are showing no concern for their neighbors.

Until there is a vaccine, because of my health issues I cannot go into a store where people are not wearing masks. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will be able to resume a more normal life. But in these times, please think about the people around you. Any of you could have the virus and not even know.

H. Petree, McGregor

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