To high heaven

It’s always amusing to read the letters of right-wingers Jerry Willett and John Pisciotta [Letters, April 9 and 11]. The putrid nonsense they spew can be smelled up here in Oklahoma. Willett believes if you’re not a pro-life Republican, you are not a Christian, even though “pro-life” Republicans have put forth some of the cruelest cuts to programs benefiting poor children in this country. So much for Matthew 19:14 and “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” I guess it’s really all about the unborn. To hell with the born. Are you sure you’re a Christian, Mr. Willett, with such practices that only harm poor kids in this country?

Then there is Pro-Life Waco director John Pisciotta who’s all frustrated Cornell University will not have a speaker who promotes an anti-LGBT viewpoint. The belief that marriage is between a man and a woman is a religious belief based on a mythical book called the Bible. The powers that be at Cornell realized that progress and equality are far more important than allowing a person to impose her religious viewpoint at an academic institution. I applaud them. Of course Mr. Pisciotta, who wants a return to the days of back-alley abortions and widespread intolerance and homophobia, does not feel the same way.

It’s amusing to watch these two spew out such nonsense but also sad. Unfortunately, many like them now walk among us in this country. They’re the stumbling blocks to a greater and more progressive United States where poor single women can get the proper medical attention and advice they need and a certain group can be free of hate and intolerance.

John Vickrey, Norman, Oklahoma

Don’t blame government

Regarding Courtney Doucet’s April 10 letter about the community not purchasing fresh produce because a “cycle of shopping at convenience stores for nourishment has forced the community into a less than healthy lifestyle”: Her idealism is laughable. At her Mission Waco Urban REAP job, she complains of discarding perfectly fresh greens time after time and she has the audacity to blame a lack of local government initiatives to address this problem.

Ms. Doucet, have you maybe considered the fact that people don’t want such healthy food offerings? You cannot make someone purchase (and eat) something healthy when they want a bag of chips and a candy bar.

Also, a big part of the problem is the government food assistance program allows people to purchase all kinds of junk foods — a check of the USDA website of allowable foods will confirm this truth. Stop blaming local government and corner convenience stores for people’s poor food choices. Personal responsibility plays a big part in food selection.

As an RN of 30-plus years, I see the effects daily of poor lifestyle choices.

Tonya Warren, RN, BSN, Waco