Twin Peaks shootout

I’m from California but have family in Texas. This gang war is very upsetting. These biker gangs are like cartoon characters: “Look at me, I wear colors. Look at me, I ride a Harley. Look at me, I have my obligatory SS tattoos [white supremacist symbols from the Nazi era]. Look at me, I have guns.”

It doesn’t take brains to ride a bike or to shoot at people. It takes brains to do something worthwhile. All they do is play power games and threaten the general population. It’s too bad that they didn’t entirely eliminate one another on Sunday. I doubt that this will be a lesson to them. Now they are just puffing up their chests and continuing to threaten one another and police.

I support Waco police 100 percent and hope they remain safe as they arrest the whole lot of them.

Harvey Sutton, Paso Robles, California

• • •

Of the horrible things that transpired at Twin Peaks on Sunday, I am ashamed this happened here in Waco. It’s bad enough some people out there think Waco is a bad place to live but these outsiders were killing their own. Whatever happened to fighting with fists instead of guns and knives?

If they want to really fight, they need to go to the Middle East and fight terrorists and defend what ought to matter — their country and their own flesh and blood.

I give police spokesman Patrick Swanton a lot of credit. He handled all this with the upmost class and control, as have all law enforcement on the scene Sunday. God bless us all and, come on, people: If you can’t get along, at least have sense enough to avoid one another.

Diane Schrader, Waco

• • •

I hope before the latest hysterical gun-control editorials are written about the shootout at Central Texas Market Place that the editorial board of the Trib will do investigative reporting. The biker-gang members involved are of the criminal element. If they have felony records, they’re prohibited by law from possessing a gun for whatever means. I hope the Trib investigates how many people broke current law by illegally carrying and using a weapon instead of lumping all gun owners into one big group. This has nothing to do with conceal-and-carry law or open carry.

Marty Esposito, Waco

• • •

I’ve been following the shootings that happened at Twin Peaks restaurant. The citizens of Waco and McLennan County should be proud of their law enforcement agencies and their bravery. Their intelligence-gathering before the incident and their response saved many more lives. The Waco Police Department and their spokesman should also be commended for their transparency in releasing information. As a former police officer, it make me proud to see such professionalism.

Tim Wilson, Retired Captain, Corpus Christi Police Department.

• • •

I think that Twin Peaks should be congratulated for finally filling the long-empty downtown jail!

Mark Ethridge Woodward, Woodway