Taking on the world

Is there any reason to have hope for our future? Depressed about our chances this summer, this senior citizen was happy to get back to high school. After 30 years working outside education, I’ve been teaching at Waco High School for 16 years. For all that education has gone through, I’m proud to say we may have the best group of young people ever waiting to take on the world.

I encourage people to attend some of their local school’s events, starting with a football game. In Waco ISD the parking is close, the stadium is bright, clean and well-managed. People are friendly, especially if you smile at them first. Leave politics at home and you can agree to support our young candidates on the field. People yell and wave signs but no one is hurt.

Our students aren’t professionals yet, but considering they spend eight periods a day in academic classes, it’s amazing how well they execute their performances on the field. After years of state mandates draining so much of the class day, recent extra-curricular participation and a high level of school spirit have rebounded in my Waco High.

Please appreciate the participants in band, football, JROTC, drill team and cheer. In a day of people hiding in social media, these kids take a risk by performing on an open field. These are the leaders of the next generation who are willing to match up against big high schools and be judged. If you get a chance, tell them you are proud they represent you. You can’t imagine how far that will go toward making our community better.

More of these young people want to be a part of some old traditions. They want jobs, they are generous and they take care of the weakest among them. Military service is a goal of several. Blood drives are very popular events at school, so Lion Pride may already be in your veins.

Charles Petree, Waco

Viewing slavery

In response to Helen Lenart’s letter [Aug. 29] suggesting that black citizens “look proudly” at Confederate memorials, monuments and statues and “give thanks to God that your ancestors survived” and that blacks are now “living in a free country,” I recommend she ask several African Americans (if she actually knows any) if they feel free in America — and if not, why not.

After doing that, I recommend she ask herself the following questions: If someone kidnapped her children and sold them into slavery, where would she want the state to erect the statue celebrating that person? How about the person who led the fight in a war to keep them in slavery?

Michael Jones, Waco

The new FBI

A new name for the FBI needs to be “Full Blown Investigation.” When this change occurs, the investigation should start at the top. If our attorney general has credibility, he should start now. We need to know what has gone on and what is continuing to go on.

Mercer Buchanan, Waco