Telling her story

Thank you for your excellent reporting and updates on the Jacob Walter Anderson sexual-assault case pending before District Judge Ralph Strother. My wife and I have learned background details that may be part of the reason for Assistant DA Hilary LaBorde’s decision to let Anderson plead to a misdemeanor instead of facing trial on felony sexual-assault charges.

Yet the bottom line is still this: A grand jury concluded enough evidence exists, including the victim’s believable testimony, to charge Anderson with four counts of felonious sexual assault.

The young woman, so traumatized by this event, never completed her studies at Baylor University and still wants her day in court. She and her parents have written Judge Strother and the DA’s office that she is more than willing to testify at trial, knowing full well he may not be convicted or there may be a hung jury. It’s a risk they’re willing to take.

It seems that if the grand jury’s indictment is well-founded, the very least that should be done is to give the alleged victim her day in court to tell her story. She is willing to let the chips fall where they may — and so should a fair and impartial judicial system.

If Anderson gets off with a misdemeanor plea of unlawful restraint, it will send the wrong message to sexual-assault victims and their predators. It will further the “black eye” that the sexual-assault scandal has already given Baylor University. For the sake of all concerned, let us expose the facts of the case to the sunshine of a fair trial in open court. May the truth prevail.

Warren Fain, Waco

Trib kills discourse

How unfortunate the artist behind the Friday political cartoon totally missed the message George H.W. Bush left for the world by denigrating members of an entire political party after his funeral. It is highly offensive this great man’s words are used as a vehicle to not very subtly slam Trump along with every Republican.

Civil discourse is almost dead in America and by publishing this kind of insult the Trib is responsible for helping kill it. The Bush funeral presented an opportunity for us to come together, reflect on how we can become better people and citizens and admire and hopefully emulate an example of a great American. The very next day you stepped all over that message and went back to partisan, divisive rhetoric. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Janet Price, Waco


In response to cartoonist Steve Sack’s attempt to make an anti-Republican statement about George H.W. Bush’s life and death by stating they still “make ’em like him,” “just not as Republicans,” I challenge Mr. Sack to name any current politician of any party who comes close to 41’s selfless dedication, honesty and integrity in service to fellow man and country.

Mike Sulak, West

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