McLarty too hateful for Trib

What a great “Sunday Focus” section the week of Oct. 23, including several thoughtful columns, editorials and letters urging us to be knowledgeable voters, to be respectful of our American voting traditions and to get along with our neighbors who may disagree with us politically. I only wish local guest columnist Sammy McLarty had had an opportunity to read those articles before he penned his column.

His jarring column, “Hypocritical liberals launch desperate attack,” did not belong in this section. Amplifying his usual shtick of “Conservatives Good, Everyone else Bad,” he launched a misogynistic attack on the women who accuse Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of sexual predation (a claim Trump made himself to Billy Bush in 2005), on women who merely claim their “15 minutes of feminist fame” (whatever that means), on Anita Hill, on President Clinton’s moral failings (forgiven by his wife and voters) and on respected political commentator Anderson Cooper.

I’m accustomed to reading McLarty’s occasional columns, always highly judgmental about those who disagree with him on political issues. However, the Oct. 23 column was offensive and hateful, especially his homophobic attack on Anderson Cooper. Equating Cooper’s sexuality with Trump’s sexual assaults demonstrates McLarty’s lack of knowledge about both sexuality and sexual predation. His comment that our culture is now devoid of “morality and decency” illustrates a reactionary fear of inclusion, diversity and tolerance.

While I respect McLarty for his willingness to share his misogyny and intolerance with the public, I want to assure Waco residents — especially new business hires, new homeowners inspired by Chip and Joanna Gaines to buy homes here and new Baylor University and McLennan Community College students — that McLarty’s divisiveness is not representative of our open, welcoming Waco community. If he were my father, I would politely, but firmly, tell him: “Dad, I love you, but we don’t talk that way in front of the children.”

Cheryl D. Bohde, Waco

Hats off to election workers

The Oct. 25 edition of the Trib had an article about Mr. Singer, the gentleman who tried to vote in Robinson without his driver’s license. He was refused permission to vote because he didn’t have a proper photo ID and he wasn’t given any options, which is illegal. Mr. Singer properly contacted County Elections Administrator Kathy Van Wolfe, who said that the problem “was being addressed.”

Thank you, Mr. Singer, for sharing that information — and thanks to the Trib for printing his experience and also for printing again the ID options for voters. We live in a democracy and must make sure that no voter suppression exists. If the United States is to thrive as a democracy, we must be able to trust our electoral system or else we’re no better than some third-world countries.

We voted today and I give a shoutout to one of the voting officials at First Assembly of God on Bosque. She told everyone in line that if someone did not have a photo ID, then that person could sign the proper document (the Reasonable Impediment Declaration form), show one of several forms of ID such as a bank statement, a voter registration certificate, a current utility bill, a government check, etc.) and be permitted to vote. Thank you, madam!

By the way, the lines were longer than I’ve ever seen, but they moved quickly. The entire process was handled efficiently and pleasantly with plenty of voting machines for all. Please show your support for our great country by making sure your voice is heard and voting.

Patricia Bell-Lanford, Woodway

Dueling GOP universes

I just read the nasty Oct. 27 column by Jon Ker, chairman of the McLennan County Republican Party, criticizing Trib opinion editor Bill Whitaker’s sketch of a recent McLennan County Republican Club meeting. Gosh, Mr. Ker — it appears that you may be operating in an alternate universe. I also read Mr. Whitaker’s Oct. 23 column and, in my humble opinion, Mr. Whitaker hit the nail right square on the head of the Republican Party.

No, I was not present for your meeting and, to be honest, I would rather gnaw off a limb than be in a room of boastful Republicans of this day and age. Before you lambast me, I did vote for George W. Bush, but it will be a minus-30-degree day in the middle of August for me to ever vote for another Republican for any position. I have voted in every election for almost 50 years so I’m not new at gauging political situations.

Your berating of Mr. Whitaker was not only rude and unfair but clear representation of the current mind-set of most Republicans these days. Your presidential nominee and those who speak for him are bombastic liars who say whatever they want and make up “facts” to demean others so they can look and feel better about themselves.

I do not in any way believe Mr. Whitaker exaggerated his coverage of the meeting you both attended. The main thrust of your gauche column was to “save face” — and I bet a dollar you never thought he would publish your column. Mr. Whitaker is an honorable man who has always presented both sides of an argument and, sorry, but the truth is the Republican Party is in very deep trouble. Using scare tactics cannot make it any better for any of you. Facts are facts and cannot be pulled out of thin air to win the votes of the American people.

And by the way, America is GREAT already!

Donna M. Myers, Waco

Fate of our nation

Scholar, soldier and Texas A&M University-Commerce professor David Oualaalou’s Sept. 25 Trib column, “China insults our president,” demonstrates considerable background in global geopolitics. For the past 30 years, Republican and Democrat insiders in Washington have promised balanced budgets, a workable health-care program, entitlement reform, an efficient Veterans Affairs protocol regarding due benefits, terms limits, honest tax reform and immigration reform. Yet they have failed in their promise to us and broken their oaths.

It’s time voters take responsibility to vote out the insiders and bring into office a new age of politicians sworn to look after the welfare and future of the nation. One such candidate, I suggest, is David Oualaalou himself. A Muslim veteran who served our country, speaks five languages and has a 15-year record of global intelligence, he has performed duty in almost every hell-hole station in the Middle East in service to our country.

While David is not affiliated with any political party, he is a free thinker and has all the characteristics needed of a great leader. Hopefully one day this Hewitt resident will consider running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Cleveland Witt, Waco

* * *

From the beginning of our great nation, there have been many serious and difficult conflicts. Countless lives have been given to bring victory to this nation from the American Revolution through World War II. There is a common denominator throughout our history that denotes success, which goes back to how America began. It was brave men and women who first came to these shores to find freedom and freedom to worship God as the Bible directed them. Even through our many struggles, America’s basic belief in God and serving him has blessed the people in this great country.

There is now a war that will end freedom in America — the War Within, America’s greatest war! When we leave out our Creator and strive for success on our own, there will be conflicts that cannot be solved. Integrity, truth and justice for all are values that have kept America from failing. But as we see the loss of these values every day in our families, communities, state and federal government entities, it is taking us down a path of great loss.

There is a way to have victory again in America. It is imperative that we come together once again, giving our lives to the one who created us. The next election may determine if our leaders take us on a path of self-destruction or take us back to our founding values.

Dana Hardcastle, Speegleville

Women & the price of eggs

This is in reference to Linda Schreiber’s Nov. 2 letter in which she said we don’t need a woman president because women have more emotions than men. I wonder what that has to do with the price of eggs in China?

What about all the women in Congress helping to run our country, all the women in the armed services protecting our country and Queen Elizabeth running her country? I’m sure they would disagree big time with her!

I believe as long as a woman is qualified, and Hillary Clinton is, she can do anything. And as far as men being more powerful than women: Any woman who can take 25 years of the Republican Party dumping on her without any legal proof and still be standing, in my opinion, is very powerful.

B.J. Hall, Waco