View from Oregon

I wanted to set straight the letter from David B. Anderson regarding filling your own gas tank in Oregon: Yes, Oregon and New Jersey are the only states that currently ban filling your own gas tank. Oregon did pass a law recently allowing those in very rural counties to fill their own tanks, due to a shortage of labor in those areas. As a former Oregonian I thought I would correct a misnomer here: The law is strictly to create jobs. Employees pumping gas in Oregon can make very good wages. Oregon Costco employees who pump gas make over $20 an hour, nothing to sneeze at.

Calling Oregonians “incompetent children” is really off the mark as most know how to pump gas due to driving in adjacent states. I certainly didn’t mind the luxury of staying in my warm car while having the service performed, especially during winter snow and cold rain.

We love living in Waco and, to boot, I was fully gas pump-trained prior to our move. As a footnote, my husband was born in Texas and we are not fans of the current Oregon governor.

Just thought I would clear things up.

Lori Lambright, Waco

Origin of species

Regarding Blake Burleson, Trib Board of Contributors, and his column on DNA and political consequences: I’m an Upper South Melungeon tri-racial isolate. My paternal side haplogroup is I2b1, Neanderthal, Viking. My DNA ethnicity documentation comes from Genelex Labs in Seattle. The left defines me as lazy, victim, house boy, token, “white boy,” traitor and Uncle Tom. I’ve been forever labeled stupid because I consistently vote against my best interests.

“Racist” President Trump wants me to make it on my own and he believes I can do it. How does Nancy Pelosi view me? I’m too stupid to make it on my own. I need her and her cohorts.

Ernie Wilson, Hewitt

Renaming city park

It’s not a good idea to erase or ignore a community’s cultural history. We must memorialize the legacy of all people who have contributed to the whole society and what it means to generations of families in East Waco. With any name-changing of East Waco Park, we must move forward more diversely, more equitably, like the neighborhood we’re revamping into the next decade. [District 1 Waco Councilman Noah Jackson Jr. proposes renaming East Waco Park for the late Rev. Wilbert Austin.]

Democracy exists to allow citizens to have a voice and to vote on issues that affect their lives. A public forum is an ideal way of bringing the community together to decide whether a name change is appropriate or even necessary. Whatever the decision, it must be holistic, more than one aspect of a legacy. It must preserve the historical, social and cultural character of East Waco and Waco in general. Allow the citizens of East Waco the right to due process of the law.

Jeanette Bell, Waco