Religious hypocrites

I vividly remember sitting at a restaurant table in West Texas in the 1960s when a man at the next table started swearing. My dad stared him down till the man apologized. More than 50 years later, I watch a president swear at one political rally, then invoke God’s name on his own behalf at the next. Then many prominent religious leaders and their followers make excuses for it, applaud it and cheer for more.

One can only conclude they and this president are guilty of NO COLLUSION with the real Jesus. And they are lucky Dad’s not around to sit at a table next to them.

Jack Bowen, Fort Worth

Two parties only?

Texas House Bill 4416 seeks to give voters fewer choices on their ballots. We as Texans pride ourselves on our independence and freedom, but this bill is an insult to both of these qualities.

Texas already has some of the most restrictive laws in the country for putting candidates on the ballot. This bill seeks to double those and make it even harder. Only three states in the entire country have thresholds at the level proposed by this bill.

Voters should be able to choose for themselves whom they want to vote for. We must not allow politicians in Austin to do that for us!

I ask all Texans to contact their elected representatives in Austin and press them to oppose House Bill 4416. Time is critical! This legislation is moving through the system right now.

Alex Davis, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: HB 4416 would raise the vote threshold for a political party to remain on the general election ballot from 5 percent for any statewide office to 10 percent. Critics say it would hinder the ability of certain parties to get on the ballot, blocking Texas voters’ ability to select from a number of different candidates. Libertarians are among those opposed to this.

Another book

I read Janet Oliver’s Sunday letter concerning Bill Mahon’s April 28 column, “Bikers are hardly riding ‘free.’ ” She passionately describes how most bikers have gotten a bad rap “just because they chose to be different.” I felt compassion for her plea to stop judging books by their covers and give bikers a chance.

I understand her frustration in wanting bikers to be judged on merit, not appearance. As an African American, I am judged in the same manner. However, for me, I cannot take my hue off. Living in the conservative mecca of Waco, I have come to the conclusion that judging is a part of the landscape. Hopefully the future will provide us many opportunities to exercise our ability to be judged by the content of our character and nothing else.

Robert E. Morgan Jr., Hewitt

Money misappropriation

I disagree with Baylor University’s use of this very large, recent donation. We do not need a new basketball facility. We do need more scholarships and more tuition reductions. The Ferrell Center is quite adequate and very seldom sold out.

Beverly Painter, Waco