Fanciful doodlings

Does Trib columnist Blake Burleson leave his home unlocked at night or when he is not there? Does he have a burglar alarm and, if so, does he refuse to use it? Unless he is a hypocrite, he not only leaves it open and unprotected, he posts a sign in his front yard advertising that he is not armed, the premises are unlocked and that all the property therein belongs to all entrants and is available to be taken or used. Till such time as he does, he should not ask anyone else to do so. Let him give all his property to the poor before he asks anyone else to give away their property.

The United States of America is the property of its citizens, with no obligation to leave our borders open. We determine who, if anyone, can legally immigrate and become a citizen. There is hardly a population on the earth that would not like to immigrate to the United States and enjoy a higher standard of living. One does not have to be a college lecturer to figure out what happens when most of the known world tries to move into the borders of the United States and derive their subsistence here.

While there is a Christian responsibility to care for others, as a nation we have proscribed a National Religion with the First Amendment to our Constitution; thus, one cannot make the argument that the citizens of this country have a religious duty to provide for the Dreamers.

Jose, Maria, Francis and Angela are made-up names. Are the characters and their stories made up as well?

John Mayne, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: To answer your question, Blake Burleson included a photo of one of his “made-up” subjects but, given the toxic political environment, the Trib decided to err on the side of caution and did not publish it.

Get this stamp!

On Nov. 30 the post office revealed a new stamp representing Alzheimer’s disease. This was on the last day of National Alzheimer’s Awareness and National Caregiver Month — a perfect way to honor the more than 15.9 million family and friends who provide unpaid care to Alzheimer’s patients in the United States.

Net proceeds from this stamp go to the National Institute of Health to help fund Alzheimer’s research. With this being the sixth leading cause of death and the only one without a cure/slowdown/prevention, such research is desperately needed. Please support the Alzheimer’s research by purchasing this stamp.

Melody Lee, McGregor

Inept DA

So the very first case involving the deadly Twin Peaks shootout, one which our district attorney specifically sought to try first of 154 cases, ends in a mistrial? What a monumental waste of taxpayer money! Time to find a new DA less inept at doing what we pay him to do — prosecute successfully. Maybe he should change his name to “Un-Abel” Reyna.

John J. Baker, Hewitt