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I love this newspaper for local news, weather, sports, obituaries and advertising. However, to suggest somehow that this paper is neutral and reports the truth and demonstrates common sense when it comes to national news is beyond the pale.

The Associated Press and Washington Post and most of what you print on the Trib opinion pages are so biased, one-sided and slanted I canceled my ink-and-paper copy. Although you occasionally throw a bone to the predominant conservative readership in Central Texas, it is very seldom and almost always mitigated by some editorial comment. I just could not take it anymore. Good example: For more than two years you reported “Russia, Russia, Russia, Trump colluded, he cheated, did not win fairly.”

Your readership was blasted with this non-stop and then you had the audacity on numerous occasions to tell us not to listen to Fox News or conservative radio. Turns out they were the only ones actually reporting the TRUTH! Did we ever read a retraction or an apology for the years of lies? Absolutely not!

Listen to me, I am the voice of conservatism in Central Texas and we are legion. We know Donald Trump is an outsider, a New York businessman, a reality TV show host and prone to speaking before he thinks. That is what we like. He is a non-politician, he did not go to Washington to get rich, he does not measure every word before he says it. You do not have to guess where he stands, he tells you. Applying just common sense, he built the best U.S. economy in decades, made us an oil exporter and brought back thousands of jobs. Or maybe he just waved his magic wand. Yes, he repeats himself and exaggerates. Yes, he can be abrasive and sometimes just needs to be quiet and more presidential.

No one’s faultless. I don’t care a whit about his 17,000 lies that you like to report (this is laughable). None of his lies can hold a candle to the lies Obama and Clinton told us. Having said all this, we all could be more understanding and tolerant. This is the UNITED States of America.

Enough! You really want to save this paper? Become a pro-life conservative paper, actually reporting both sides, and do reprints from the Washington Times, not the Washington Post. Your circulation will come flooding back. Heck, you do this and I will come to work for you: sales, circulation, paperboy, whatever you need.

DROP THE TWO DAVIDS, THEIR SATIRE IS JUST TRUMP HATE! It has run its course and does not sell papers.

For the record, I have lived off and on in Waco since 1958 and am a Connally High School, McLennan Community College and Baylor University graduate.

Gary A. Praesel, Colonel, USAF (retired)

* * *

Opening last Saturday’s newspaper to the opinion page and seeing the headline, “‘The Davids’ declare timeout,” was a huge disappointment for my husband and me. How sad that some folks still are not able to handle an opposing viewpoint.

I must have been fooling myself for a long time because I was under the impression we live in a democracy where vastly different kinds of opinions can be stated freely and openly without folks losing their cool. After all, how many precious lives were lost in wars fighting for our right to freedom of speech? Evidently some people want the privileges of living in a free society but want to deny others a basic right under the Constitution. That’s not the way democracy works.

I tolerate the strip “Mallard Fillmore,” though I don’t often understand why he’s so angry. I don’t throw a temper-tantrum and stamp my feet every time the Trib runs a conservative editorial. It is commendable that this newspaper believes in balanced reporting, and I continue to look forward to reading diverse political views.

Anyway, enough of my musings. I know many disappointed Trib readers will miss the two Davids’ excellent satires. We need some humor, especially these days, and the Trump administration’s grave missteps and embarrassing blunders have offered up plenty of fodder. I hope to see the Trib resuming the Schleicher & Gallagher column in the near future. In the meantime we will follow them on their blog, Thanks, guys, for making our lives more bearable while living under this administration.

Patricia Bell-Lanford, Woodway

* * *

I am greatly saddened to learn David and T Bone have taken a sabbatical from the Waco Trib. I for one shall miss them. Even though I disagreed with 99.8% of every printed word in their columns, they did provide food for thought for all the liberals who read along with them.

I believe fish is good for the brain so eat up all ye followers of these two misguided liberal individuals. I shall miss them because I for one enjoyed reading their intellectual garbage and I thought they were easy to poke fun at.

After your rest and relaxation is over and Trump is reelected, please come back and give us more of your wisdom. I shall miss David and T Bone!

Joe A. Hunter, Clifton

* * *

I love your newspaper and will especially miss the Davids’ witty and wise commentary. As I said in an earlier letter, the Trib is the best local paper that we have ever encountered. Please pass this on to the Davids.

Bradley Strahan, Woodway

* * *

Here are two subscribers who vote to keep Gallagher/Schleicher in the Tribune-Herald. We might add for those who insist that the paper is one-sided, the April 25 Gallagher/Schleicher column was alongside a column by veteran journalist Donald Kirk taking a pro-Trump stance.

The Gallagher/Schleicher column is good for presenting the minority/left viewpoint. It is what keeps the Tribune-Herald from becoming a propaganda mouthpiece for Trump. Balance is the word for the Trib’s high-quality editorial page.

Lenesa and Mike Frisch, Waco

* * *

Reading the Davids’ column in the Trib was a lot of fun for me. I will miss them. And I concur: Trib opinion editor Bill Whitaker sounds like an educated and reasonable man, and we are in great need of more educated and reasonable citizens, ones who can listen to opposing views without going into a blind fury.

Clydanne Reeves, Waco

* * *

So glad to be rid of the two Davids.

Glenda Miller, Waco

* * *

Please keep publishing “The Davids” column on the Trib opinion page. Their column is a small combatant to all the “Trump articles” published as news. And, Bill, please don’t retire. I enjoy reading your editorials and think you offer great insights on a variety of topics. I often agree with you.

Barbara O’Neal, Dallas

* * *

As subscribers to the Waco Tribune we very much like the Gallagher/Schleicher column and hope you will maintain the column.

Gary and Susan Baker, Woodway

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just for clarity’s sake, the decision by Trib contributors David Gallagher and David Schleicher to temporarily discontinue their column’s appearance in the Trib is theirs alone and was pursued without so much as a word of consultation with Tribune-Herald editors. Their column continues at with our full blessing.

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