Who decides?

Who decides indeed, Cheryl Foster, regarding abortion? (Letters, Nov. 9) Is it the uninformed woman who feels she has no choice but to seek counsel from Planned Parenthood for her health needs? If she has conceived, then if Planned Parenthood is so very concerned with a woman’s health, as is so often stated, why do they not have obstetrical physicians employed?

Why are there not educational opportunities for expectant mother? Why are there not adoptive services assistance for a mother who does not wish to raise the child herself? Who makes the decisions as to what programs Planned Parenthood will offer?

As you stated, Eric Holloway, David Nemati, John Pisciotta, state Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Bill Flores do not make decisions on women’s health care. But let’s say they did. Each of these men with whom I have had contact would make a decision that something must be done for the expectant mother who does or even does not want her child. So how would expectant mothers’ needs be addressed by Planned Parenthood if they were calling the shots? The answer is abortion! A culture of death emanates from Planned Parenthood.

You love your own life, you love your spouse’s life, your children’s lives, your parents’ lives. Why then must an innocent child suffer death just to appease your life?

Michael Tusa, Director of Operations, Pro-Life Waco, Elm Mott

Trump: 2 views

I voted for Donald Trump. Thank God for my ex-home state of Florida and for all the African Americans who voted for Trump. Thank you, protesters, for probably not voting at all. Thank you farmers, ranchers, miners, oil people, regular workers, small businesses, Hispanics, women and angry white males who voted for Trump.

When I looked at the U.S. map on TV and saw one blue state surrounded by red, I also saw my sister, who probably calls me “deplorable.” But I still love them, just like I did eight years ago.

And God bless Texas, my adopted home state.

Gene Devaney, Mart

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Congratulations to all the angry lemmings who followed the dissonant tune of the Pied Piper of hate, vulgarity and bigotry. You got what you wanted. Now live with it.

Unfortunately, we all now have to live with it. God help us because we are going to need it.

Herb Brenner, Woodway

Baylor reforms

Thanks for the excellent Sunday editorial, “Baylor regents should embrace real transparency or resign their posts now,” calling for reorganization of the Baylor University Board of Regents. As a 1965 graduate of Baylor, I strongly support the points your editorial made and urge current regents to step down. Baylor has paid a severe price for this secrecy the last few months. And it all needs to end promptly.

John Kothmann, Junction