Tekell failed test

Re: Waco ISD board president having a financial relationship with the incoming superintendent: As a parent of two children in Waco Independent School District, I have considered the school board’s volunteer work for our community with tremendous gratitude. However, Angela Tekell’s lack of insight about her personal relationship and financial partnership with the slated superintendent is an egregious misunderstanding of power. Tekell should have, at the very least, recused herself from any voting related to Susan Kincannon. Then, once Kincannon’s hire for superintendent became apparent, Tekell should have stepped off the board completely.

WISD stakeholders want transparency and we are desperate to keep supporting the school district to which we entrust our children, but it is the role of a board to maintain checks and balances in decision-making and power dynamics. Ms. Tekell’s refusal to a) proactively champion equitable power distribution and b) acknowledge the optics of this scenario undermine the trust the board pledges to build with the district’s faculty, staff and parents.

Tekell’s behavior throughout this process disintegrates my trust in her board leadership. If Ms. Kincannon is to be the next Waco ISD superintendent, I request Ms. Tekell acknowledge that we live in a racist and classist system that must do better at relinquishing personal power and step down from her school board position.

As a white woman, it is important for me to acknowledge that Ms. Tekell’s actions contribute to the experience of many in our community who see a closed white network that outsiders cannot access. This is not because Kincannon is white, but because of Ms. Tekell’s inability to demonstrate an understanding that privilege and bias can influence anyone or to adequately consider how her actions may appear to most of the children and families the Waco school board represents.

Rebecca Scott, Waco

Griffin Stadium

I had one response to the stories by Mike Copeland and Brice Cherry regarding McLane Stadium’s five-year anniversary. Since the Baylor varsity football Bears haven’t really had a triumphant winning season since Robert Griffin III graduated, the school should re-name it for him.

Optimism is a Christian value, but it seems to me that a $266 million stadium erected on the back of a single talented individual leading a good team for a season or two didn’t really justify that kind of expenditure. But then, maybe it wasn’t so much an act of optimism as yet another status and prestige project/tax deduction for wealthy Baylor supporters.

It’s always been my feeling that the Christian thing to do with all those millions would have been to improve the lives of low-income people living within adjacent neighborhoods on the north side of the Brazos. I kinda think that’s what Jesus would have done.

Michael Jones, Waco

The chosen one

I for one completely believe our president when he says he’s “the chosen one.” I just wish he hadn’t been chosen by Vladimir Putin.

William Howard, McGregor

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