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Climate experts are 0-41 with doomsday predictions. John Nolte, a writer for Breitbart News, writes that over the past 50 years of climate alarmism, the scientific community and environmental movement have not gotten even one prediction correct, though they do have a perfect record of getting 41 predictions wrong.

1. 1970: Ice age by 2000

2. 1970: America subject to water rationing by 1974, food rationing by 1980

3. 1971: New Ice Age coming by 2020 or 2030

4. 1972: New ice age by 2070

5. 1974: Space satellites show new ice age coming fast

6. 1974: Another ice age?

7. 1974: Ozone depletion a great peril to life

8. 1989: Rising sea levels will obliterate nations if nothing done by 2000

9: 1989: New York City west highway underwater by 2019 (it’s not)

10: 2008: Al Gore predicts ice-free Arctic by 2013

11. 2009: Prince Charles says we have 96 months to save world

12. 1966: Oil gone in 10 years

13. 1972: Oil depleted in 20 years

14. 2005: Manhattan underwater by 2015

15. 2014: Only 500 days before climate chaos.

Mr. Nolte also mentions that Barack Obama says he believes in global warming but proves he doesn’t with the $15 million he spent on an oceanfront home that we are told is doomed to flooding. Nolte makes one final point: Why would we completely restructure our economy and sacrifice our personal freedom for “experts” who are 0-41, who have never once gotten it right?

James Burroughs, Waco

* * *

In his Tuesday letter published in the Trib, David B. Anderson apparently thinks that climate change is “scary propaganda” taught in “government-run schools.” My question: What propaganda is he listening to? Probably Fox or some conservative talk-show host or media. I guess Mr. Anderson thinks that if it is on the radio, it must be true. My guess is that he has never done any research on the matter of climate change but has bought the lies of propaganda machines supported by oil and gas.

Nearly all scientists from all walks of life, through extensive research, have determined that climate change is real. It is obvious there is no conspiracy or hoax being performed by these scientists. Did you ever think, Mr. Anderson, that oil- and gas-funded propaganda machines are playing a trick on you?

John Vickrey, Norman, Okla.

Riesel Diesels!

In response to Glynn Beaty’s suggestion to give the Riesel schools a new mascot, I have his answer. I don’t live there, but I have been through it many times. I have never seen any “Indians” (current mascot) or his suggested replacements: Rhinos or Weasels. What I do see are big trucks, tractors and even a seasonal combine. So to me, the answer is obvious: The new mascot should be the Diesels.

Can you imagine the homecoming parade? The lead banner saying “Here come the Diesels” and behind it every big-engine vehicle within the school district roaring down the parade route. It’s a natural fit. I hope somebody starts the petition soon to make the change to the Riesel Diesels!

Kevin Smith, Waco

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