Another voice

In her Wednesday letter responding to a Trib column on abortion by civic leader Ashley Bean Thornton, Erika McBurnett said: “What would be the outcome if the baby... had a voice in the decision?” Nothing else I’ve seen or experienced in my 77 years of life is as heartbreaking as an unwanted child. Every child deserves to be wanted, loved, cared for, educated, to have ready access to medical services and to be given a chance for a successful life.

There are thousands right here in Waco who need help and love they are not getting. With numerous family members involved in schools, I have no doubt at all that many abused, neglected, abandoned children wish they’d never been born. I suggest McBurnett volunteer at local schools or day care centers to learn how each and every day in the lives of unwanted children may involve danger, deprivation, hunger, fear and misery.

La Nelda Hughes, Robinson

Game over

It’s time for Democrats to tuck the ball under their arm and go home. You lost the game and the protest.

Take all the vitriol and store it with the deflated ball and get back to work.

Frank Smith, Clifton

Planes & the poor

As more facts emerge from the recent crashes of the two Boeing 737 MAX jets, it’s becoming apparent that these disasters could have been averted by having more flight sensors and/or redesigning the plane’s overall dynamics to better accommodate the larger, more powerful engines.

Now that Waco’s economic engines are growing and glowing red-hot, this is one of the most critical moments in our city’s history to use the sensors we all possess to make sure we’re not headed for turbulence or even a crash. When you go about the city today, imagine holding an altimeter whose needle indicates the integrity of everything you see. Look at everything: culture, civil discourse, education, health and, in particular, the areas in which investment has been white-hot, namely, dining, entertainment, hospitality, and housing. Study the “sustainability needle” and see if it indicates the “altitude” of these areas rising or falling, not just in the near-term but for generations to come.

Better yet, we have a very short window of opportunity right now to reconfigure the entire jet. Throughout history, both in Waco and worldwide, the poor have been the leaders in civic pride and purpose, not the followers. Until very recently, our poor have been the heart and soul of a truly sustainable economy of factories, production, small business, food and commerce, as well as leaders in family, health, education and civics. Talk to someone today who’s on the margins, someone who’s an “outside bolt” on the engines of wealth, culture or the justice system, and ask if the possibility exists that each and every individual can stand behind us all, and lift up the whole community with each and every thing they do. Then ask them what makes the jet fly. Like me, you might be surprised at the answers.

Mike Mallick, Waco

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