Bleeding heart!

Most Texans do not wish to hear Garrison Keillor’s opinion [Sept. 7] about how Texans are reacting to the severe problems caused by Hurricane Harvey. The severity of flooding happened because of unpredictable forces of nature that perhaps might occur once in 100 to 500 years. The risks of living barely above sea level were not so obvious. Many people in all parts of Texas are conservative and do not wish to hear what a “bleeding heart” liberal from Minnesota has to say. Keillor is a humorist-turned-politician who certainly feels at home in the Washington Post newspaper environment.

Please keep in mind that Minnesota has given us some really strange gubernatorial and Senate candidates over the last few decades. What is stranger is they were elected! I refer to Jesse Ventura and Al Franken. Ventura turned out to be a real dud and Franken should have stuck to comedy. Most folks I know did not think much of Al as a comedian and think less of him as a senator. The real “joke” is he was re-elected.

Apparently Keillor is very proud of his native Minnesota state being super liberal and vying with a few other states in pursuit of the title: “The Welfare State.” How can he criticize Texas for seeking federal aid when Minnesota has developed a reputation as “the handout state”? Where does the money come from that they pass out? Perhaps the “Scandihoovians” in Minnesota trying to emulate their ancestral countries, who have embraced socialism wholesale.

Why do people flock to Minnesota? For handouts. Why do people come to Texas? For jobs. I rest my case.

Bill McBride, Baylor University professor emeritus of computer science

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. McBride adds he was born and raised in Minnesota.

Paying tribute

This past Sunday, 76 men and women from Holy Spirit Church prepared and delivered 400 lunches to police, dispatchers and many families at the police station, 13 fire stations, prison guards and two hospital emergency staffs. We paid tribute to the 343 firefighters and 69 police and paramedics who lost their lives and to those who still suffer from the fumes attempting to save victims of terror attacks on 9/11, now 16 years ago. We hope you remembered.

I speak for many who enthusiastically support our first responders. We hope to inspire their leadership to continue balancing the protect part of the mission with serving: conducting oversight on the use of force and racial profiling; maintaining civil and human rights protections; managing crime reduction and community policing; working with youth in leadership training; training for cultural mores, mental-health crises and crisis intervention; providing for during emergencies, rescues and medical treatment

Thank you for your service to our community.

Karen Mann O’Bric, Woodway