Gun locks save lives

I remember years ago, after several Midway teens committed or attempted suicide, there was a drive to supply local gun owners with locks for their guns. I know of no such drives since then. Yet now nearly a third of child and youth deaths from firearms could be prevented simply by locking up guns. This is according to a study published in May 2019 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. “At least 15 million youth live in households with guns stored in a manner inconsistent with American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines,” the study said.

In 2015, some 14,000 children and youth were treated for non-fatal firearm injuries, but nearly 2,800 died by gunfire. Nearly half of those youth, or 1,100, died by suicide or unintentional firearm injury. In nearly nine of 10 suicides, the gun came from the child’s home. Also, in nine of 10 unintentional firearm deaths, the gun came from the victim’s home or the home of a relative or friend. Please remember: Children are curious. You have read the local stories.

The study estimated that in 782 of these suicides and unintentional deaths by firearm, up to 251 could have been prevented if adults had locked their guns and stored them unloaded. Yet only three in 10 adults lock up their guns. Perhaps we need another local drive to give away gun locks.

Gwenn Murry, Waco

Oh, and another thing!

How would the Trump negotiations with the Taliban have been shameful? Were our negotiations with the Japanese aboard the USS Missouri or our negotiations with the Axis powers in Paris shameful?

The opinion-page cartoon was supportive of negotiations, while Marc A. Thiessen’s piece, “Trump misses his photo op with 9/11 terrorists,” was analytical, though I don’t personally agree with his analogies.

Your editorial, on the other hand, is based on illogic and is pushing a viewpoint: (“...our government is saying, We surrender. Let’s just negotiate the terms”). Really?

Where is your editorial analyzing the current candidates’ positions on the Green New Deal, post-delivery abortions, a 90% marginal tax rate, 25% annual tax on assets, 90% tax on high-earning individuals, free everything, etc.?

Oh, and would you explain to us stupid readers the conservative sweep in North Carolina? And do you also predict the flipping of Texas back to liberal?

Gen. Curtis LeMay said, “When the lion and the lamb lie down together, we will be the lion.” Long live our Constitution!

Lee Harkins, Hillsboro

Hooray for Jake, Trump

Hooray for Jake Myers whose Thursday letter reminds us of Teddy Roosevelt’s “Citizenship in a Republic.” It’s the man in the arena, not the critic on the sidelines, who really counts.

Donald Trump is president and deserves our faith and allegiance while he is in office. Maybe it’s just a case of the dogs barking when the wheels roll by.

Jenny Taylor, Waco

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